Henry Ottmann (1877-1927), The Three Graces, oil on canvas, signed bottom right, framed. 130X95cmHenry Ottmann (1877-1927), The Three Graces,

oil on canvas, signed bottom right, framed. 130X95cm.

Masterfully executed Painting in warm and attracting toned  collours . a typical work of the master from his best creative and typical period.
the painting, which is sensual and erotic through its representation,and the beauty and exoticism of the bodies which  attracts and stirs the viewer,
receives a calm contrast through the view of the wide landscape and the fantastic plants as well as especially through the soft, harmoniously masterfully coordinated color scheme.

Henry Ottmann was born on 10 April 1877 in Ancenis . He made his debut at the Salon La Libre Esthetique  in Brussels  in 1904 and took part in the Salon Independants in Paris from 1905, thesalon de Automne  and Salon Salon des Nationaux .

In 1911 and 1912, Ottmann exhibited at the Artistes de la Société Moderne at the Gallery together with Armand Guillaumine and Henri Lebasque  and others.

In 1912, Henry Ottmann exhibited at the gallery Eugène Druet.

In 1919 he was working on illustrations of La Gebre periodical  together with Paul Signac
In 1920, Ottmann exhibited at the gallery Marcel Bernheim together with  Alexandre-Paul Canu and others.

In 1922, he exhibited at the Exposition du Cercle Artistique de Bruxelles together with those of  Paul Besnard,Pierre Bonnard, Raoul Dufy,Othon Friesz,Charles Guerin, Andre Lhote,Henri Matisse,Paul Signac,Maurice de Vlaminck and others.

In 1926, Ottmann exhibited at the gallery L.Dru (Paris) and at the Parisian gallery La Palette Française,[ and in March 1927 in the gallery Armand Drouand.

He died in  on 1 June 1927