New Sale: Art and Antiques

Live Sale 29th April 2022, with public viewing

European and Asian Antiques and Arts fom Ancient to Modern.


Lot001 Detail


Sano di Pietro (1406-1481)-manner, Madonna with child, tempera on gold ground on wooden panel.

50,5x31,5 cm

300-600 EUR

Lot002 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot002 in Detail Ancient stone capital, sculpted with classical ornaments; weathered, on later iron base; 55cm total height.


360-720 EUR

Lot003 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot003 in Detail Fra Carnevale (1445-1484)-follower, The Annunciation, oil or tempera on wooden panel; 35x38cm; framed. 

300-600 EUR

Lot004 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot004 in DetailAncient stone capital, sculpted with classical ornaments; weathered, on later iron base; 55cm total height.


360-720 EUR

Lot005 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot005 in Detail Hans Kemmer (1495-1561)-school, Maria with child, oil on wood.


180-360 EUR

Lot006 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot006 in DetailEtruscan sculpture of a woman, with folded clothes; sculpted lava stone; parts missing.

52cm height

180-360 EUR

Lot007 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot007 in Detail Umbrian School 16th Century, Madonna with child, fresco converted to canvas, natural colours on stucco converted to canvas, laid down on canvas, framed.


280-560 EUR

Lot008 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot008 in Detail Male torso in ancient manner, sculpted marble, damages, on later ebonised base.

total size 58cm

400-800 EUR

Lot009 Detail

Duccio di Buoninsegna (1255-1318)-circle,
Madonna with Child, angels and priest; tempera on gold ground and wooden panel, on the reverse old description.


480-960 EUR

Lot010 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot010 in Detail Head of a youth in ancient manner, damages.

35cm height.

120-240 EUR

Lot011 Detail

Venetian school 16th Century
, Maria with Jesus and Saint John in landscape; oil on wooden panel, framed, on the reverse old description and dated 1520.


650-1300 EUR

Lot012 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot012 in DetailTriangle shaped stand, bronze cast with figures, in ancient manner; verdigris.

20cm height

80-160 EUR

Lot013 Detail

Andrea del Sarto (1486-1530)-follower
, Jesus with Halo, oil on canvas, laid down on board.


280-560 EUR

Lot014 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot014 in Detail Boca della Veritá, finely sculpted Istrian chalk stone, with figural and ornamental decorations; in ancient manner, in the centre water hole, some drill holes; the lower stand probably from later date.

80Cm height, diameter 68cm

900-1800 EUR

Lot015 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot015 in Detail Bernardo Parentino (1437-1531)-manner, The Agony in the Garden, oil on board or panel, framed.



Lot016 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot016 in DetailAncient marble head of a woman, with draped hair; sculpted white marble, parts missing, on later quadratic stone base; possibly 2th/3th Century A.C.

15cm height

280-560 EUR

Lot017 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot017 in DetailItalian school 16th Century, male portrait, oil on wood.

25,5x21 cm

100-200 EUR

Lot018 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot018 in Detail Bronze jug in ancient manner, in shape of a female head, with spout and round base; bronze cast with verdigris.

20cm height

60-120 EUR

Lot019 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot019 in DetailJan Brueghel the Younger (1601-1678)-school, Landscape with travellers, oil on canvas, framed.

45x70 cm 

900-1800 EUR

Lot020 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot020 in DetailBronze jug in Pompeian style, pear shape with ornaments and tiger hand grip; bronze cast with original brown patina; 19th Century.

19Cm height

60-120 EUR

Lot181 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot181 in DetailHatton Garden Sundial, with compass, brass polished with dial and Roman numbers; in wooden box.


20-40 EUR

Lot182 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot182 in DetailTwo scientific watercolours, of a Paris passenger coach car, dated 1867 and a earth work coach and ramp; both watercolour on paper, signed Corbillon; framed, under glass.

27X41 cm, 29x46 cm

40-80 EUR

Lot183 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot183 in DetailHenry Hughes and Sons Ltd London, Magnifier with compass in box; bronze, described and dated 1941.


20-40 EUR

Lot184 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot184 in DetailKarl Heffner (1849-1927), Landscape, oil on canvas, signed bottom right, framed; 70x95cm

600-1200 EUR

Lot185 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot185 in Detail Tibet carpet, waved multicoloured textile with skulls and skeletons and other decorations, side threads.


150-300 EUR

Lot186 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot186 in Detail Jean-François Portaels (1818-1895)-attributed, Portrait of an oriental with coffee pot, in front of a curtain, oil on canvas, signed bottom right and described Cairo; framed.


1400-2800 EUR

Lot187 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot187 in Detail Samovar, cylindrical flute shape, with hand grips and spout, bronze damages, with Russian inscription and Imperial coat of arms; 19th Century.

50cm height 

150-300 EUR

Lot188 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot188 in DetailMenci Clement Crncic (1865-1930)-attributed, Symbolist subject with Maria in front of the coast, described in German and signed bottom left; framed.


350-700 EUR

Lot189 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot189 in Detail Monogrammist around 1830, Allegories of sleep and weakness, oil on canvas, framed, a pair, monogrammed bottom right JMDP and dated 1830.

90x85 cm

1500-3000 EUR

Lot190 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot190 in DetailEastern artist early 20th Century, Portrait of a Jewish man with oil lamp, signed bottom right.


160-320 EUR

Lot191 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot191 in DetailGeorge E. Hicks (1824-1914)-Graphic, Girl with flowers, sweetest face on earth describe on the reverse, lithography on paper, in original liberty frame.

total size 90x76 cm 

240-480 EUR

Lot192 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot192 in DetailKarl Wilhelm Diefenbach (1851-1913)-attributed, Portrait of a girl, oil on board, signed bottom right, framed.


280-560 EUR

Lot193 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot193 in Detail Antonio Bianci Aldo, Art Nouveau design, watercolour and black ink on paper, dated 1909.


80-160 EUR

Lot194 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot194 in DetailTibet skeleton carpet, waved textile in multicolours with decorations, side threads.


180-360 EUR

Lot195 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot195 in DetailKangxi Porcelain goblet, cylindrical shape, with lid and finial, on outbowed stand, blue painted flower decorations on white ground glazed, blue leaf bottom mark, some remains of sea extracts on the glaze, probably a ship wreck found; China 18th, Century.

27cm height

400-800 EUR

Lot196 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot196 in Detail Chinese court/throne carpet, waved textile, one end arched, multicoloured dragon and other decorations; thread ends.


150-300 EUR

Lot197 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot197 in DetailEdo Chieregato, design for the Art School Dante Mazzari in Badia Polesine, dated 1910, watercolour and black ink on paper.


90-180 EUR

Lot198 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot198 in DetailChinese court/throne carpet, waved textile, one end arched, multicoloured dragon and other decorations; thread ends.


150-300 EUR

Lot199 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot199 in Detail Badia Polesine Art school around 1910, Two Art Nouveau flower designs, black ink and watercolour on paper,

53x21 cm and 47x20 cm 

70-140 EUR

Lot200 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot200 in DetailHall or garden table in ancient manner, rectangular form with iron forged legs; on top marble plinth with geometrical mosaic intarsias; 20th Century.

90X180cm, height 78cm height

900-1800 EUR

Lot201 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot201 in Detail Bokšay Joseph (1891-1974)-attributed, Portrait of a lady with fruits in landscape; oil on board; signed bottom right; framed. 


240-480 EUR

Lot202 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot202 in Detail Gilbert & Sons London compass, with sundial, collapsible, Roman numbers with dial.

9cm diameter

25-50 EUR

Lot203 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot203 in DetailArtist 20th Century, Women in landscape, mixed techniques on paper, signed and dated unreadable bottom right, framed, under glass.

72x94 cm

100-200 EUR

Lot204 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot204 in Detail Marine master box, with compass, telescope and clinometer, bronze with glass, in wooden box, with brass plate; by T. Cooke and Sons, dated 1858.


25-50 EUR

Lot205 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot205 in Detail Chinese sword, canted damascene blade with open work ornaments and engraved script signs; bronze handgrip and protection with leather, in leather shaft with engraved bronze mounts; Qing Dynasty 19th Century.

105Cm length

350-700 EUR

Lot206 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot206 in DetailHermann Kern (1838-1912), The Art lover, oil on canvas, signed, framed, under glass.


1200-2400 EUR

Lot207 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot207 in Detail Chinese bronze vase, round foot, octagonal body and round neck, bronze cast with original patina and multicoloured enamels; damages, probably Ming Dynasty.

38cm height

140-280 EUR

Lot208 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot208 in DetailHermann Kern (1838-1912), His favourite song, oil on canvas, signed, framed, under glass.


1200-2400 EUR

Lot209 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot209 in DetailKorean ceramic vase, conical shape, small neck, painted flowers in white and black; on celadon glaze with air bubbles points; possibly Ming Dynasty.

26cm height

120-240 EUR

Lot210 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot210 in Detail Paul Signac (1863-1935)-Graphic, Point Neuf Paris, graphic on paper, in passepartout, framed, under glass.


1000-2000 EUR