New Sale: Art and Antiques

Live Sale 29th April 2022, with public viewing

European and Asian Antiques and Arts fom Ancient to Modern.


Lot241 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot241 in DetailSteve Erwin Compass, brass polished with dial and finger, screwable, described 20th Century.

diameter 7,5 cm

25-50 EUR

Lot242 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot242 in Detail Chinese dagger, steel blade in carved shaft and grip, partly ebonised, around 1900.

31cm long

40-80 EUR

Lot243 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot243 in Detail Gasprini around 1960, three face man, bronze cast with greenish brown patina, on marble base; 20th Century;

17cm height

200-400 EUR

Lot244 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot244 in DetailAlfons Maria Mucha (1860-1939)-attributed, Girl with grapes in landscape, oil or body colours on canvas; in ebonised wooden Art Nouveau frame.


280-560 EUR

Lot245 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot245 in DetailCarl Kauba (1865-1922), man with horse, bronze cast chromed and with brown patina; signed in the cast in the base; damages.

26 cm height

100-200 EUR

Lot246 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot246 in DetailGerman artist 20th Century, Expressionist street scene, oil on canvas, framed.


380-760 EUR

Lot247 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot247 in DetailMarine Compass, in screwable bronze box, wind rose, described Calvin and Hughes London 1917.

diameter 8cm; height 5cm 

25-50 EUR

Lot248 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot248 in Detail Guseppe Salvi (1836-1905), View of Milan in winter, oil on board, signed bottom right, framed, under glass.


90-180 EUR

Lot249 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot249 in DetailRoyal Navy Compass, in bronze box, screwable described Mull of Galloway, compass signed Dollond London.

diameter 6cm

20-40 EUR

Lot250 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot250 in Detail Artist 20th Century, Female nude, oil on canvas, framed.


240-480 EUR

Lot251 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot251 in DetailHenry Hughes and Sons Ltd London, Compass with magnifier, bronze dated 1941.

diameter 6,5 height, 3cm

25-50 EUR

Lot252 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot252 in DetailRussian artist 1st half 20th Century, Portrait, oil on canvas.


180-360 EUR

Lot253 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot253 in DetailEmilio Sperati (1861-1931), Souvenir, Art Nouveau, bronze cast with original patina and foundry stamped, on marble base around 1910.

25 cm height

70-140 EUR

Lot254 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot254 in DetailPietro Marussig (1879-1937), Still life by a window, oil on wooden boar, signed bottom right; arched top;


1400-2800 EUR

Lot255 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot255 in DetailGoldscheider Ceramic Mask, Girl with curly hair, multicoloured painted, glazed; early 20th Century.

28cm long 

150-300 EUR

Lot256 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot256 in DetailArtist early 20th Century, Cubist composition, oil on board, framed.


150-300 EUR

Lot257 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot257 in DetailRusquellas, artist 20th Century, Horses, bronze cast, signed, on stone plinth.


180-360 EUR

Lot258 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot258 in DetailBanksy- Graphic, Soldier with Covid; art print on paper, numbered and signed in the print, on the reverse certificate, framed, under glass.

52x30 cm

150-300 EUR

Lot259 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot259 in DetailNapolione Parisani (1854-1932), Umbrian landscape, describe on the reverse Camerino, oil on board, monogrammed, framed, under glass.


180-360 EUR

Lot260 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot260 in DetailVienna Design Stand, for flower pots, chased metal column with adjustable pot holder rings, on round triangle shape base; metal chromed, manufacture mark J. Pfaffenmayer Vienna; around 1950/60.

145 cm height

400-800 EUR