Egyptian bronze sculpture of Amun in sitting position with resting arms, on quadratic base, thin beard and sun crown; on the base some hieroglyphs; full cast with original patina, partly with verdigris, corroded; on the hands possibly missing attribute; on later wooden base; possibly ancient.

240 -480 EUR

23cm height

Detail 1 Detail 2


Hans Memling (1430-1494)-school, Madonna with Child and apple; in the background windows with landscape views; oil on metal, on wooden panel, framed.

360-720 EUR

30x22 cm

Detail 1 Detail 2



Egyptian bronze sculpture of Anubis, in walking position, with one bowed hand; full cast with original patina and verdigris; on later yellow marble base; possibly ancient.

240-280 EUR

height 26cm

Detail 1 Detail 2



Marc Antonio Raimondi (1480-1534)-follower, The banquet of Armor and Psiche; black ink on paper; see Loggia di Amore e Psiche, Villa Farnesina.

120-240 EUR


Detail 1 Detail 2


Romanesque mosaic panel, portrait of a saint with halo in arched window;  with multicoloured mosaic stones; in later marble frame and bottom; parts missing; probably Romanic period central Italy.

450-900 EUR



Detail 1 Detail 2


Bernardo Daddi (1290-1348)-follower, Religious scene with saints; tempera on pounced gold ground on wooden panel; framed.

450-900 EUR


Detail 1 Detail 2



Marble relief in Romanesque manner, deeply sculpted with lion and leaves, outbroken parts; weathered.

180-360 EUR


Detail 1 Detail 2



Lorenzo Lotto (1480-1557)-follower, Portrait of a man in front of curtain; oil on canvas, framed.

100-200 EUR


Detail 1 Detail 2



.Holy water basin, in cloverleaf shape; sculpted red marble; weathered, possibly Salzburg 15th/16th Century.

21x20x10 cm

180-360 EUR

Detail 1 Detail 2



Sandro Botticelli (1445-1510)-follower, Scene from the story of Nastagio degli Onesti by Giovanni Bocaccio (1313-1375), oil on wooden panel, framed; on the reverse old Spanish and French paper labels.


600-1200  EUR

Detail 1 Detail 2



Madonna with child, in S shape, with folded clothes, holding an apple and Jesus child; painted in multi colours; damages.


90-180 EUR

Detail 1 Detail 2



Polidorio da Lanziano (1515-1565)-follower, Madonna with Child on gold ground panel; oil on wood.


900-1800 EUR

Detail 1 Detail 2



Istrian stone relief, sculpted with fruits, leaves and peacock; possibly original part of a doorway or window; Venice 11th-13th Century.


900-1800 EUR

Detail 1 Detail 2



Ambrogio Lorenzetti (1290-1348)-school, Fresco of a hunting scene with stags and town in the background; tempera on wall plaster, possibly transferred once to canvas; damages.


1500-3000 EUR

Detail 1 Detail 2



Stone basin, possibly for holy water, hexagonal shape, sculpted and polished; possibly Salzburg 17th/18th Century.


180-360 EUR

Detail 1 Detail 2



Ambrosius Benson (1495-1550)-attributed, Maria with Child and apple; oil on oak panel; on the reverse probably old panel maker sign; framed.


900-1800 EUR

Detail 1  Detail 2



Luca Cambiaso (1527-1585)-attributed , Allegory of a nude man with dog in landscape; black ink on paper; framed, under glass.


120-240 EUR

Detail 1 Detail 2



Giovanni Battista Cima, also called Cima da Conegliano (1459–1517)-after, Jesus and Saint Paul; oil on wooden panels; framed; a pair.

35x105 cm

600-1200 EUR

Detail 1 Detail 2



Tuscan school 16th/17th Century, Terracotta plaque, in the centre with Maria and Child, the Holy Ghost and St. Peter and St. Paul and allegorical scene on the base; hand sculpted.


120-240 EUR

Detail 1 Detail 2



German School 16th Century, Portrait of a noble man holding and flower; oil on wooden panel; framed; on the reverse old stamps and paper label.


650-1300 EUR

Detail 1 Detail 2


Early German Pot, round bowed shape with three feet, bronze, two side grips with turned iron handgrip; 15th/16th Century.

diameter 35cm, height 32cm


80-160 EUR

Detail 1 Detail 2



Sofonisba Anguissola (1535-1625)-attributed, Portrait of an aristocratic child; oil on canvas, framed.


500-1000 EUR

Detail 1 Detail 2



Hod or container in medieval manner, conic quadratic shape with arched top, wood with several ornamental decorations; in the centre four coat of arms; original colours; damages; possibly Austrian.

45cm height, 31x32cm

70-140 EUR

Detail 1    Detail 2



Bernardino di Betto di Biagio (1454-1513)-manner, Throne Madonna with Child flanked by two angels holding flasks and two saints; partly with descriptions; tempera or oil on wooden panel.


1400-2800 EUR

Detail 1 Detail 2



Baroque prie-dieu, in two parts,  lower chest with one door; waved lid and movable step; inside four drawers; original hinges; arched top with outsawed sides and carved gilded open work ending; in the centre oil painting from the Austrian School around 1750 surrounded by arched carved and gilded frame; rich baroque geometrical intarsias with volutes in walnut, plum and maple veneer on pinewood with stepped borders; Vienna or Lower Austria mid of 18th Century

88x45cm, height 200cm

700-1200 EUR

Detail 1 Detail 2



Perino de Vaga (1501-1547)-circle, Allegory with figures in an arched doorway, in the background classical architecture, brown ink with grey wash on paper, old restoration, partly inscribed, framed, under glass.


220-440 EUR

Detail 1      Detail 2                             



Austrian 19th Century, Sculpture of a bearded philosopher in historical folded dress, multicoloured paint, academic plaster work; mid of 19th Century.

110cm height


100-200 EUR

Detail 1 Detail 2



Balthasar van der Ast (1593-1657)-school, Still life with tulip in Chinese vase with insects and mussel, in front of dark background; oil on octagonal wooden panel, in a Florentine renaissance style ebonised frame with bronze and stone mounts; on the reverse old paper label.



900-1800 EUR

Detail 1 Detail 2



Church tower clock work, original iron forged movement, with three original weight rolls and string holders; iron dial with Roman numbers and description in Czech language; functioning not tested; pendulum and small parts possibly missing; rusty; Bohemia 18th/19 Century.

100cm height, 135cm long, 70cm depth

900-1800 EUR

Detail 1 Detail 2



North Italian artist 16th/17th Century, Saint Sebastian with kneeling figure in front of an architectural background; on the bottom two coat of arms; oil on canvas; damages; probably in original ebonised frame.



700-1400 EUR

Detail 1 Detail 2



Luca della Robbia (1400-1482)-manner, Maria with Jesus and angels; plaster plate with bronze colours; damages and old restorations.


500-1000 EUR

Detail 1 Detail 2



Leandro Bassano (1557-1622)-circle, Portrait of a Venetian lady with draped hair; oil on canvas, framed.


450-900 EUR

Detail 1 Detail 2



Swabian Madonna, with crown and child, folded clothes; wood carved with open work and original colours, damages; possibly 17th/18th Century or later.

70cm height

280-560 EUR

Detail 1 Detail 2



Italian artist around 1700, Judith with the head of Holofernes; watercolour on I. , under glass; in gilded and carved baroque frame around 1700.


250-500 EUR

Detail 1 Detail 2



Hunting cutter, shaped and polished steel blade with engraved ornaments and animals; on one side with master manufacture sign; hanging hole; the grip with bronze hand protection with scroll, leaves and animals; the wooden grip with naturalistic carved bear, lion and dogs; German around 1700.




Detail 1 Detail 2



Paolo Veronese (1528-1588)-attributed, Christ blessing bread and wine in front of dark background; oil on canvas; possibly a study or a oil sketch of the painting Christus in Emmaus in the Louvre Museum, Paris.


650-1300 EUR

Detail 1 Detail 2



Chastity belt, in medieval manner, iron forged with three movable hinges, two adjustable close-ups, open work decorations; drill holes and geometrical ornaments; partly rusty and coronated; possibly Central Europe.

length 30cm, depth 21cm, height 23cm

400-800 EUR

Detail 2 Detail 2



Cornelis Gijsbrechts (1630-1683)-school, Pair of Vanitas still lives on draped tables, in front of red curtains; oil on copper, on octagonal wooden frames; a pair.

37cm diameter


800-1600 EUR

Detail 1 Detail 2



Jacopo Chimenti da Empoli (1551-1640), Pair of paintings: The banquet of St. Louis of France and A priest washing the feet of pilgrims; oil on wooden panel framed. Provenance: collection of Vasco Pratolini. Literature: Luciano Berti 1967, The Medici and the end of the Renaissance in Florence, publ. by Edam. With copy of an expertise by Allesandro Parrochi from 1965.



2400-4800 EUR

Detail 1 Detail 2



School of Antwerp 17th Century, The meeting of Jacob and Esau, oil on wooden panel; framed.


700-1400 EUR

Detail 1  Detail 2



Limoges travel triptych showing the Sermon on the Mount, Godfather in the centre, the Baptism and the execution of Johannes; with angel faces; multicolour and painted enamel on copper, in arched bronze frame; monogrammed on the bottom right I. R.; in later red velvet cover; damages, parts missing, French 16th/17th Century.

20x25 cm

420-840 EUR

Detail 1 Detail 2



Jacob Jordaens ( 1593-1678 )- attributed, Demokrit and Heraklith; oil on canvas , on the reverse old wax seal with coat of arms of the Kalkreuth family,

114x95 cm

600-900 EUR


Detail 1 Detail 2



German school 17th/18th Century, Raptus group of a Nessus abducting Deianeira; on the foot Putto on round bowed and rich with ornaments and figures decorated base, on four round feet; bronze cast with original light brown patina, partly rubbed; the bronze base connected with two iron screws; in the centre on the underside round figural scene with description in the cast unreadable.

44cm height

1800-3600 EUR


Detail 1 Detail 2



Giovanni Francesco Barbieri (1591-1666)-attributed, Female portrait with crossed hands, looking upwards; oil on canvas, framed.

72x52 cm


350-700 EUR

Detail 1 Detail 2



Desiderio da Settignano (1428-1464)-attributed, Arched marble plinth with lady and child holding a book in front of a shell-top niche, surrounded by stepped integrated frame; on the bottom niche for former label (missing); white and grey Carrara marble.



Detail 1 Detail 2



Italian artist 18th Century, Pair of seascapes with peasants and coast line and a wharf; oil on canvas, in gilded wooden frames; a pair.



1800-3600 EUR





Detail 1 Detail 2



Iron casket, rectangular shape with roof top, forged iron with geometrical hammered decorations; hand grip and lock system; inside two sections; partly rusty; in medieval manner.

25x35cm, height 30cm


120-240 EUR

Detail 1 Detail 2



Pieter De Hooch (1629-1694)-attributed, Dutch interior scene with a sitting lady and a young girl serving a drink, a dog, with view in the garden; oil on canvas, framed. Ref. See Sothebys Old Master Paintings catalogue 25.02.2008 lot 64.




Detail 1 Detail 2



Baroque console table, on two curved legs with carved and open work connection; curved top and upper border with rich open work carved decorations; partly gilded and with green faux-marble lacquer decoration; South German, mid of 18th Century.

58cm height, width 95cm, depth 50cm


250-500 EUR

Detail 1 Detail 2



Pierre Mignard (1612-1695)-attributed, Portrait of a noble man in armour with watch in his hand; oil on canvas, in carved and gilded oak wood frame.

73x58 cm

1200-2400 EUR

Detail 1 Detail 2