Greek Attic Terracotta Vessel, in round shape, painted in black colours with figural decorations, the underside decorated with black rings, possibly 2. century b.c.


height: 12cm, width: 23,5 cm


400-800.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Melchior Broederlam (active 1381-1409)-manner, Large Painting with the Holy Family and the Three Kings in the stable of Bethlehem surrounded by Angels, Oil on pounced gold ground on textile and oak wood with triangle top, damages, the upper pike part added, in a wooden frame.



1400-2800.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Male Stone Head of a Roman soldier with helmet and face protection, parts missing, the helmet decorated with deer horns, possibly once part of a pilaster or column, old patina, rubbed, damages.


14 x 11 cm

280-550.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Lucas Cranach (1472-1533 ) - school, Maria with Jesus in front of a black curtain with gilt decorations on each sides with landscape views, in front some fruits on a dish and a glass goblet with wine on stone plinths, Oil on wooden panel, damages.



800 -2400.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Model of an archaic plow with four open work wheels on central connection with two branches ending in trident plows and connection to central string with feet. Parts from later date with later screws and reconstructions, copper with coronations, old patina and verdigris, wooden grip from later date, southern or central Europe.

28 x 56 cm

400- 800.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


School of Antwerp around 1700: Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, oil on oak panel, framed


28 x 37 cm

1800- 2800 .- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Two Stone Heads in ancient Egyptian taste, showing a male and female emperor, partly remains of colouring, on the reverse script- signs, 19th/20th Century.


12 x 11 cm

100- 200.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Sofonisba Anguissola (1531-1625)-attributed, Personification of the Geometrics, oil on canvas, framed. On the reverse old paper label with description and number.


114 x 82 cm

4500 -9000.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Iron Helmet in Archaic Style, with three round iron sticks on each side and nob decorations on the central fin and the helmet, remains of old colour, rusty, damages. Possibly Greek or black sea region.

37 x 33 cm

300- 600- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Giorgione (1478-1510)-follower, soldier with a servant mounting his armour, oil on wooden panel, framed


37x30 cm

200- 400.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Bronze Helmet in ancient Style, possible eastern Mediterranean with nose and ear protection, on the reverse neck blade, round shape with x crossed bronze bands and nops and nailnops. On the side, back and front geometrical ornaments, coronation, verdigris, parts missing and damages, signs of age.


30 x 24 cm

300- 600.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Carle Vernet (1758 – 1836)- circle, stormy coast with ship and lighthouse, oil on wooden panel, framed, on the reverse old paper label described „Fürst von Liechtenstein Vaduz".



340- 550 .- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Jan Brueghel the Younger (1601-1678)-attributed, farmers resting in the Forrest, oil on canvas.


49x39 cm

900- 1800- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Hans Bol (1534-1593)-school, Islamic and Christian warriors in a field battle in Landscape, Oil on copper, framed ,on the reverse old description on copper plate and cover.


Diameter 18 cm

250- 450.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Limoges Enamel Casket in medieval manner, with one lid on four feet, rectangular shape with peaked top, inside with red velvet, partly bronze and iron hinges, covered outside with gilted bronze plates, with engraved and enamelled flowers in multi colours, saints, and the funeral of Marry in the centre, on top Jesus with Moses and Aaron. The sides and corners with bronze plates and original nails, remains of old gilding.



1500- 2500.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Johann Heiss (1640- 1704 ) -attributed, King Salomon praying to the Idols, oil on canvas, framed.



1400 -2800.- Euro

Detail 1  Detail 2


Large Marble Torso in Ancient Roman Style of a warrior in armour with sculpted figures and ornament and cloth folds, head, arms and feet missing, weathered signs of age, several tears, mounted on later black marble base.


Torso: 84 cm , Total: 120 cm

2800 -4500 .- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Iron Helmet in Medieval Style, round body with wide border, seven iron spears with rose ornaments on the sides, on top central cross, a grooved border ring. Inside old leather band and old restoration.

Diameter: 40 cm, Height: 20 cm

300 -600 .- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Central Italian School around 1700, portrait of a bearded man with head looking to the side, in front of brown background. Oil on canvas, framed in a classicist carved collectors frame.

65 x 48 cm

800 -1500.- Euro
Detail 1 Detail 2


Rosso Verona Stone reclining Lion, on rectangular base in a realistic style with waved hair, some old tears and cracks, possibly north Italy 16th/17th century or later.

60 x 24, Height: 35 cm

900- 1800.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Antonio Mercurio Amorosi (1660 – 1738), young Guitar player, oil on canvas.

49 x 38 cm

300- 700.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Montelupo ceramic dish, round shape with painted ornament of young man in landscape with houses, glazed, some chips, 16th/17th Century.


Diameter : 38cm

280 -550.- Euro

Detail 1    Detail 2


Domenico Brandi (1683-1736)-attributed, people in landscape with horses, oil on canvas, framed.

63 x 97 cm

1500 2500.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Italian Majolica Pot, on thin central feet and round stand, waved round body with small neck, handgrip and spout, one lid with nop finial, ceramic with blue painted ornaments on white ground and black description, aged cracks, glazed.

30 x 20 cm

150 -250 .- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Bartolomeo Bettera (1639 – 1688)- attributed, music stillife with a violine, notes, pipe and gloves, on a table, oil on canvas, framed.

64 x 61 cm

900- 1800 .- Euro

Detail 1      Detail 2                             


French Artist around 1700, Comedia del Arte, with children listening to a guitar player and a masked actor in the background, oil on wooden panel, framed.


41 x 35 cm

400 -800.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


German Silver Salver, in oval shape with wide border, decorated with chased and engraved fruits, in the centre Lot and his daughters in front of the burning Sodom, pounced master sign S on the boarder, 17th/18th Century.


Weight: 800 gram

350- 700 – Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Montelupo Ceramic Dish, round shape with painted ornament of a couple in landscape, glazed, chips, 16th/17th century.

Diameter : 38,5 cm

280- 550.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


French School around 1700, Pair of paintings showing the depart and return of the prodigal son, oil on canvas, in original gilded frames.

36 x 45 cm

1800- 3500.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Austrian Sculpture Early 18th Century, wood sculpted, Jesus child holding the earthen ball with waved hair and clothes, original gildings, on quadratic base with decorations, parts missing, around 1730.

57 cm

400-600.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Abraham Storck (1644- 1708)-attributed, Port with a ship and elegant travellers and servants by a obelisk, oil on canvas, framed.

76 x 61 cm

550 -1200.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Asian Porcelain Bowl, Blue painted inside and outside with flower decoration, glazed, on white ground, on the other side blue script signs on white ground, framed in a European, possibly Dutch or English silver mount. With two open work handgrips and cherub head finials. on top a silver border ring with decorations, in the centre a coat of arms., on a silver stand-ring, damages, 17/18th Century.

Height:12 cm, Width: 24 cm

50 -150.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Francois Xaver Henri Verbeeck (1686-1755)-attributed, elegant group making music in front of a Palace with servants and a parrot, oil on canvas, framed.

83 x 108 cm

1000 2200.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Pair of Dutch Candelabra in Renaissance manner, on round bases with central column, two scrolled and waved branches with four spouts and lion with coat of arms on top, partly open work, Brass polished and with open work decorations.

53 x 39 cm

280- 450.- Euro
Detail 1 Detail 2


Giuseppe Lavagna (1684-1724)- circle, stillife with flowers and three Putts in front of a stone vase in landscape, oil on canvas, arched top, with original carved and gilded oakwood frame.

130 x 64 cm

900 -1800.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Small Kang Xi Vase, with two painted medallions showing two ladies with paintings and a peach tree,and a landscape with men crossing a bridge, fine painted multi colours, on white ground in blue rear, glazed, the upper border out-bowed, inside white glazed, the underside with four painted blue script signs on white ground, 18th Century.

20 cm

180 -350.- Euro

Detail 2 Detail 2


Domenico Roberti (1642-1707)-attributed, pair of architectural landscapes with figures in oval, oil on canvas, framed in Trompe l‘Oeil green marble and gilded frames.

70 x 53 cm

1800 -2800.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Chinese gilted bronze sculpture of Buddha in sitting position with falted mantle and his hands resting on his legs holding a bowl and crossed fingers, on a sitting lion with turned face and upstanding tail. Bronze cast with very fine hand-finish and engravings and original gilding. parts of the lion with light brown patina. The under side with original chased copper plate. 18th Century.

20 x 25 cm

1800 -3500.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2

1400-3800.- Euro


Nicolas Lancret (1690-1743 )- school, Recruitment in a Village, Oil on Canvas, described bottom right, Lancret, framed.

50x60 cm

800 -1500.- Euro

Detail 1  Detail 2


Italian water Stone basin, yellow marble, rectangular shape with lion head in front with open mouth and waved hair, on the sides decorations rounded upper border, some tears and signs of age Northern Italy 17./18. century or later.


600 -900.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Jean Baptiste Monoyer (1636-1699)-attributed, Flower Still Life with Urn vase on a stone plinth in front of dark background, Oil on Canvas, framed in a gilded collectors frame.


500 -900.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Medieval iron sword with blade and hand protection, finger rest and grip , mount holes in the grip, coroneted, earth found damages.

length 65 cm

300- 700.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2

1800-2800.- Euro


Thomas Buttersworth (1768-1827)-attributed, two ships sailing at a charming breeze in the sea. Oil on oak panel, framed on the reverse old collection label.


340 -780.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Knights Steel Armour, standing on wooden pedestal with flexible hands and legs, helmet with adjustable visor, holding an axe on wooden stick, partly chased with ornaments and leather parts, 19. Century.


750 -950.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


David Tenniers (1610-1690 )-follower, Portrait of a man with beer tankard and pipe in a room with other persons, oil on metal, framed.


600 -900.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Medieval Iron Sword, with long blade, triangle peak hand protection and round knob, with groove decorations, coroneted, signs of age.

Length: 98 cm

400 600.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Simon de Vos (1603-1676 )-attributed, the healing of Lazarus, oil on canvas, laid dawn on board, on the reverse old paper label with attribution to Giacomo Parolini (1663-1733) framed.


1500- 2500.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Large Bihänder, with canted blade and tripod peak, hand-protection with double open work ring and curved endings , very large handgrip with textile line cover, round ending, some remains of former gilding, rusty, possibly Central Europe, 17th/18th Century.

165 cm

600-1200.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Cornelis de Heem (1631- 1695 )- follower, stillife with fruits, a watch and sugar powder on a table, oil on wooden panel, framed. On the reverse old stamps.

31 x 40 cm

700 900.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2