Sano di Pietro (1406-1481)-manner, Madonna with Child holding a flower; on gold ground with partly pounced gold halo; on wooden panel.


Detail 1 Detail 2

200-400.- EUR


Corinthian bronze helmet in ancient style with open work eyes and nose protection, chased border lines and forehead decorations; the upper rounded part extended; on the reverse neck protection with small holes; verdigris; inside dirt; on the lower front area two holes.

height 35cm, width 18cm, depth 21cm

Detail 1 Detail 2

300-500.- Euro


Bernardo Daddi (1295-1348)-school, Gold-ground painting of the Crossing with the Holy Family and a monk, four flying angels and on top a cloud surrounding the Cross; tempera on gold ground on wooden panel; in integrated stepped gilded frame with roof top; on the reverse Saint John in the wilderness with two prayers and red cross with monogrammes in a circle on the upper end; oil on wooden panel.


Detail 1 Detail 2



Bronze bust of Roman emperor Augustus in ancient manner, looking to the side, in armour; bronze cast with hand finish and rich light brown patina and verdigris; on later wooden stand.

25cm total height; bust 14cm

Detail 1 Detail 2

250-450.- Euro


Giovanni Bonsi (active around 1370)-school, Gold-ground panel of a praying angel with halo and dark wings; gold ground partly pounced; the clothes with red and golden decorations; oil on wooden panel, framed.


Detail 1 Detail 2

300-700.- Euro


Large stone plate with relief of St. Michael fighting the devil; in half relief technique, sculpted in yellow chalk stone, partly with drill holes and two monogrammes A C; in the upper centre a quadratic iron part for former mounting; possibly North Italy 17th/18th Century.


Detail 1 Detail 2

900-1800.- Euro


Corneille de Lyon (ca. 1500-1575)-school, Pair of portraits of aristocratic lady and gentleman; oil on wooden panels; in gilded French frames.


Detail 1 Detail 2

180-280.- Euro


Asian bronze mirror or presentoire, very fine cast with hand grip, border ring and plants on a hill, with medallion sign in the centre; bronze cast with original patina and verdigris; possibly Ming Dynasty.

length 20cm; diameter 12cm

Detail 1 Detail 2

100-200.- Euro


Pieter Brueghel the Younger (1564-1638)-school, Farmers feasting by a village with children and animals; oil on oak panel; described P. Brueghel on the bottom; framed.


Detail 1 Detail 2

400-800.- Euro


Roman chariot model with two horses and a warrior holding a spear, two wheels and decorations; bronze cast with rich patina and verdigris; in ancient manner; parts missing and loose.

length 41cm, height 19,5cm

Detail 1 Detail 2

900-1500.- Euro


Sebastian Vrancx (1573-1647)-attributed, Soldiers and hunters on a path in landscape with dog and birds; oil on canvas, framed.


Detail 1 Detail 2

500-900.- Euro


A very fine bronze bowl after the ancient, in Helenistic style; round shape on low foot with two side grips and classical inner frieze; in the centre Palas Atenea with helmet and shield in drapery, surrounded by gilded border; bronze cast partly in half relief, with remains of old gilding and silvering; Italy late 19th Century.

width 32cm, height 7cm

Detail 1 Detail 2

900-1500.- Euro


Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640)-circle, Allegorical scene with horses and ships; oil on copper, framed.


Detail 1 Detail 2

1500-2500.- Euro


Italian ceramic dish painted in the centre with the scene of Jacob and Esau; thin light border, on the underside monogrammed P; glazed; signs of age; 18th/19th Century.

diameter 32cm

Detail 1 Detail 2

150-250.- Euro


Francesco Albani (1578–1660)-circle, The Holy Family in Joseph‘s carpenter workshop with the sleeping child, Saint John, angels and Maria asking for silence; window with landscape view; oil on canvas, in a wooden carved and gilded classical frame.


Detail 1 Detail 2

2500-4500.- Euro


Italian ceramic dish painted in the centre with a battle scene; thin light border, on the underside monogrammed B U and dated 1532; glazed; signs of age; 18th/19th Century.

diameter 32cm

Detail 1  Detail 2

150-250.- Euro


Gothic bronze mortar with one hand grip, rounded base and outstanding upper border; bronze cast with original dark brown patina; signs of age; part from the upper border missing; German 15th/16th Century.

25cm height, diameter 21cm

Detail 1 Detail 2

300-500.- Euro


A Castelli majolica dish with wide border with coloured painted flowers, in the centre a chariot with horses and warrior, painted with blue borders; on the reverse monogrammed B; 18th/19th Century.

Diameter 37,5cm

Detail 1
Detail 2

180-250.- Euro


Francesco Bassano the Younger (1549–1592)-attributed, Descent from the Cross; oil on canvas, framed.


Detail 1 Detail 2

500-800.- Euro


Georg Sebastian Urlaub (1685-1763)-attributed, Christ as Man of Sorrows; oil on paper, laid down on board; on the reverse old paper labels described Urlaub Würzburg; in a highly decorative wooden carved baroque style frame.


Detail 1 Detail 2

200-400.- Euro


Chinese porcelain pot, white painted with red dragon ornament, short neck and wide border; glazed; some age cracks; Qing Dynasty.

height 38cm

Detail 1 Detail 2



Wood carved Corpus Christi with folded serviette and naturalistic sculpted body, hairs; face looking to the side and wooden crown; remains of old colouring; parts missing; damages; possibly North Italy 16th/17th Century.


Detail 1 Detail 2



Giovanni Girolamo Savoldo (1480-1548)-follower, Lucretia; oil on canvas, in gilded frame; damages.


Detail 1    Detail 2



Bronze vessel in ancient style, one shaped column foot with waved round body and wide opening; partly stepped border; on the sides two hand grips ending in double heads; richly decorated with floral ornaments; bronze cast with brown patina and verdigris.


Detail 1 Detail 2



Italian School 17th Century, Old Testament scene; oil on canvas, framed.


Detail 1 Detail 2



Meiping porcelain vase, round cylindrical shape with small neck and blue painted flowers and decorations on white ground; glazed; on wooden base; Qing Dynasty.


Detail 1      Detail 2                             



Flemish School 17th Century, Christ carrying the Cross; oil on oak panel, framed.


Detail 1 Detail 2

2800-3800.- Euro


Iron coat of arms, Austrian iron wall emblem, forged iron with eagle and two removable swords in shield shaped frame, partly chased, one hanging ring on the reverse; partly rusty; Lower Austria, 18/19th Century. Provenance: Palais am Riemerplatz St. Pölten, Lower Austria.


Detail 1 Detail 2



Jan Brueghel the Younger (1601-1678)-school, Large flower still life with insects in a Chinese Wan Li vase on a plinth, in front of black background; oil on wooden panel; framed.


Detail 1 Detail 2

450-750.- Euro


Large iron lock in rectangular shape, with pear shape ending and handgrip; one key hole with plate, the front with richly floral engraved decorations and monogrammed AM 1832; the sides with holes for mounting; lock in function, partly rusty, with a similar iron plate, as well with fine decorations, partly rusty; Austrian, early 19th Century.

lock: length 29cm, height 55cm; plate: length 33cm, height 15cm

Detail 1 Detail 2

150-300.- Euro


Chinese meiping porcelain vase with shaped cilyndrical body, small neck and blue painted dragon and flower decorations on white ground, glazed; on wooden base; Qing Dynasty.


Detail 1 Detail 2



An iron forged door lock with hand grip and snatcher; in function; key not included; Austrian early 18th Century.


Detail 1 Detail 2

60-120.- Euro


German ceramic pot in Renaissance manner, with three fields with gilded male portraits in oval form surrounded by angels and decoratrions; on the sides ornaments with grotesque masks and on the bottom triangle ornaments; coloured and enamelled on brown ground, glazed; on the top a tin screwable lid with inner lid and border; the underside with old manufacture sign.

16cm height

Detail 1 Detail 2

180-280.- EUR


Small marble basin in Roman ancient style with sculpted Minerva heads and leaves; on the upper border geometrical decorations; 19th Century.

22,5x24cm; height 7,5cm

Detail 1 Detail 2

200-400.- Euro


Blanc-de-Chine porcelain sculpture of Buddha sitting in lotus shaped seat, with a pot for the poor, on a fantastic animal; white glazed, possibly Qing Dynasty.

35cm, 24cm

Detail 1 Detail 2

200-400.- Euro


Shell shaped wall fountain basin with two scrolls; on the end hole on the bottom for water; on the reverse with extension for wall mount; sand stone sculpted with signs of age.

50x70cm; height 20cm

Detail 1 Detail 2

300-600.- Euro


School of Tuscany, The Holy Family; oil on wooden panel; framed.


Detail 2 Detail 2

2500-3500.- Euro


Small Italian stone basin in waved and shaped round form; on the end two volutes and extension for a wall mount; yellow polished stone with signs of age; Northern Italy 17th/18th Century.
basin 32x30cm, total length 47cm

Detail 1 Detail 2

300-500.- Euro


Hendrik Martenszoon Sorgh (1610 –1670), Allegorical scene of a noble interior with some officials and workers; oil on wooden panels, signed bottom left, in a richly carved and gilded frame.


Detail 1 Detail 2

1400-3800.- Euro


A rosso verona pidgeon or central standing fountain on triangle shaped base with central turned and fluted column and oval basin, on the sides with lion heads, volutes and a coat of arms; some old holes for former mount, signs of age; Northern Italy 17th/18th Century.

height 102cm, width 70cm

Detail 1  Detail 2

1500-2500.- Euro


Large Chinese bronze Buddha on lotus base with the gesture of the earth touch, the other hand with the sign of granting; with nice clothes folds and decorations on the clothes borders; partly stepped and ribbed base; bronze cast with very fine hand finish and light brown patina with remains of former gilding (rubbed); bottom copper plate; on the reverse 6-signs mark in the cast; lips painted in red colour; possibly late Ming Dynasty 16th/17th Century.


Detail 1 Detail 2

2500-5500.- Euro


A small coat of arms stone shield, bowed and volute shaped; in the centre some symbols and leaves; North Italian 18th/19th Century.


Detail 1 Detail 2

300-500.- Euro


Jan Brueghel the Younger (1601-1678)-circle, Landscape with ferry and boats by a river with houses and swans, some travellers nearby and a church in the distance; oil on copper, framed.


Detail 1 Detail 2

1800-2800.- Euro


Italian water basin in rectangular shape with lion head with open mouth in naturalistic manner; polished yellow stone; North Italy 17th/18th Century.

46x22cm, hieght 18cm

Detail 1 Detail 2

800-1500.- Euro


Cornelis Corneliszoon van Haarlem (1562-1638)-attributed, Allegory of love; oil on canvas, framed.


Detail 1 Detail 2

1500-3000.- Euro


Italian rosso verona stone lion in sitting position, sculpted in naturalistic shape with some drill holes and claws in the front; signs of age; North Italian possibly 16th/17th Century.

60x24cm, height 35cm

Detail 1 Detail 2

1200-1800.- Euro


Archaic Chinese bronze bowl in quadratic shape with bowed sides and four hand grips in shape of dragons; richly decorated in fields with script signs on quadratic thin stand feet; upper ornamental decorated frieze with thick borders; bronze cast, hand finished with verdigirs and brown patina; possibly Han Dynasty.

21cm height, 29x29cm

Detail 1 Detail 2

900-1800.- Euro


Palma Giovane (1548-1628)-follower, Salome with the head of Saint John; oil on canvas, laid down on board; the corners are folded to make an octagonal shape; damages.


Detail 1 Detail 2

700-1200.- Euro


Tuscany around 17th Century hall wooden table with one drawer and four turned feet with bottom connection, partly stepped, original dark brown patina; round wooden top with lighter brown patina; damages.

103cm diameter; height 77cm

Detail 1 Detail 2

150-250.- Euro


Diego Rodríguez de Silva y Velázquez (1599-1660)-follower, Portrait of Philip IV from Spain, King of Portugal; oil on canvas, framed.


Detail 1 Detail 2

350-700.- Euro