Chinese bronze bowl in archaic style, round shape with several deformations, on stand ring with fluted decorations; possibly earth found with verdigris and corroded; possibly Southern Song Dynasty.

13x12cm, height 7,5cm

Detail 1 Detail 2

80-150.- Euro


A French Provençal small chest on four high shaped legs with scroll endings; the central section with one door and one drawer; on the front with fine floral carvings; the top stepped with rounded corners; original iron hinges and mounts; massive walnut; 2nd half 18th Century.

85cm height; 35x40cm

Detail 1 Detail 2

380-550.- Euro


A large Venetian multicoloured and transparent 21 lights Murano glass chandelier with 16 S-shaped branches and spouts, 4 concave spiral columns ending in spouts and with turned connection to the upper central crown; with lower bowed glass bowl with rose finial and in the centre a bowl on column; decorated with several large and smaller multicoloured flowers and leaves; on the leaves rings with prisme; electrified; on metal skeleton; Venetian 20th Century.


Detail 1  Detail2                                                                                                                    

4500-7000.- Euro


A set of four Louis XVI dining chairs, each with four fluted and turned legs; wooden seat frame with original straw work and geometrical open work decorated back seat with sawed strings in wooden frame; fruit wood with original patina; Austrian around 1790.

height 92cm, sitting height 44cm, width 49cm

Detail 1      Detail 2

2400-3600.- Euro


Jacob de Wit (1695-1754)-circle, Food basket with two children in landscape; oil on canvas, framed.


Detail 1       Detail 2

1800-2500.- Euro


A small Chinese cloisonee oval box with lid, richly floral decorated in multicolours on blue ground, with white decoration band on the border; signs of age; Qing Dynasty.

8,5x6cm; 4cm height

Detail 1 Detail 2

150-250.- Euro


Giovanni da Bologna (1529-1608)-follower, Bronze sculpture of a walking naked warrior with male head and sword in the hands; bronze cast with fine hand finish and dark brown patina; on integrated oval bronze base.


Detail 1             Detail 2

1200-1800.- Euro


Hourglass in wooden mantle with five canted columns and round wooden top and base; the glass in the middle with textile decoration; possibly German 16th/17th Century.

Height 15,5cm, diameter 7,2cm

Detail 1 Detail 2

200-400.- Euro


Apollonio Domenichini (1715-1770)-manner, Saint Marc Square with boats; oil on canvas.


Detail 1       Detail 2

320-650.- Euro


German baroque snuff box in cartouche shape with bowed and cut stone lid and box; in rich silver decorated border, handgrip and hinge; inside remains of old gilding; 19th Century.

7,2x5,7cm. Height 3,5cm

Detail 1      Detail 2

180-250.- Euro


Neapolitan School early 19th Century, View of the bay of Naples with the town, ships, peasants and the Vesuvius in the background; oil on canvas, framed.


Detail 1 Detail 2

700-1200.- Euro


Dutch tortoiseshell box in shape of a book, one lid with silver lock and hinges; two silver mounts; partly fluted; late 18th Century.

15x12cm, depth 4cm

Detail 1 Detail 2

50-80.- Euro


Erotic painting of a couple in a chamber, watercolour with Indian ink on paper; laid down on canvas; China 18th Century; framed.


Detail 1 Detail 2

1500-2500.- Euro


English silver tray on three claw feet with waved and ribbed border, in the centre engraved sheep‘s head; on the bottom English silver marks; 320g; around 1800.

Diameter 20,5cm, height 2,8cm

Detail 1 Detail 2

100-200.- Euro


Trompe l‘oeil of a double portrait of a bearded man and if turned around it appears a white boar; in oval form with a dark background; oil on wooden panel; 18th Century.


Detail 1 Detail 2

800-1500.- Euro


Bihänder or execution sword with long concave blade and maker‘s sign in the upper part; long hand grip with iron fluted iron knob on the end and wide iron hand protection with fluted double leaf and groove side strings; oval grooved thumb ring; the hand grip with wooden mantle; partly rusty and corroded; possibly 16th/17th Century and later.

126cm length, width 34cm

Detail 1      Detail 2

900-1500.- Euro


Flemish or German School 18th Century, Diana and Endymion; oil on canvas.


Detail 1       Detail 2

1500-2500.- Euro


German large silver baker on three bowl feet and richly chased flower and leaves decorations; grooved border, inside remains of former gilding; unreadable silver marks on the bottom; 620g.


Detail 1     Detail 2

300-500.- Euro


Spanish school, Still life with peaches and cherries on a dish, a knife, flask and glasses, a lemon and a pot with fly; oil on canvas; late 18th Century.


Detail1        Detail 2

200-400.- Euro


A pair of Louis XVI dining chairs; each on four turned legs, stepped frieze, later polstering and geometrically carved back seat with straw; fruit wood with light brown patina; Austrian 1790.

90cm height, width 42cm; sitting height 50cm

Detail 1    Detail 2

400-600.- Euro


Chinese school, Erotica, two girls in traditional dresses; oil on canvas.


Detail 1     Detail 2

300-600.- Euro


South American silver container, bowed shape and thin neck; on top a movable silver grip with ring ending; richly chased with floral and geometrical decorations; on the underside a star with flower; one unreadable silver stamp; possibly 18th Century; 480g.

Diameter 16,5cm; height 20cm

Detail 1       Detail 2



Colomnade du Louvre, copper print after the design by Claude Perrault (1613–1688) with description; 18th Century; in passepartout, framed, under glass.


Detail 1     Detail 2



A small bronze tazza on single foot; bronze cast with rich figural and ornamental decorations; in the centre a battle scene; gilded.

8,5cm height, 13,5cm diameter

Detail 1      Detail 2

180-250.- Euro


Élisabeth Vigée-Lebrun (1755-1842)-attributed, Portrait of a child; pastel on paper laid down on canvas; in oval frame, under glass.


Detail 1     Detail 2

180-250.- Euro


Four Chinese porcelain plaques with painted river landscapes in blue colour on white ground, glazed, on top Chinese script signs and artist‘ s stamp; Qing Dynasty; in open work carved wooden frames.


Detail 1       Detail 2

900-1800.- Euro


Vincenz Georg Kininger (1767-1851)-attributed, Goodbye for the journey; oil on metal, framed.


Detail 1     Detail 2

600-900.- Euro


Polish Hanukkah lamp on quadratic base with richly shaped column, chased with flower decorations; on top eight branches with spouts and eagle top; one servant light; several hall marks on the foot; 1120g; 19th/20th Century.

51cm height

Detail 1 Detail 2

800-1500.- Euro


Jacques-Louis David (1748-1825)-circle, Two lovers on bed stead presented by Amor opening the curtain; oil on canvas, framed.


Detail 1 Detail 2

550-900.- Euro


Jewish silver Torah crown with bowed round shape, decorated with open work, scrolls and chased flowers and ornaments; partly engraved; on top a smaller open work crown with engraved volutes and ornaments and an eagle finial; inside a bell and a traverse with two holes for fixing on the Torah, screws partly possible replaced; in the open work spaces six rings for bell hanging (bells missing); possibly Austrian or German 18th Century; weight 1160g.

height 28cm; width 28cm

Detail 1     Detail 2

900-1800.- Euro


Gioacchino La Pira (1839-1870), View of Paestum with the monuments and some shepherds in the foreground; in the distance the tyrrhenian coast; oil or tempera on paper; signed bottom right Pesto La Pira; in passepartout, framed, under glass.


Detail 1 Detail 2

2500-3500.- Euro


Enamel medallion in oval form showing Maria with Jesus child with gilded halos in red dress, white cape, in front of brown background; enamel on copper; on the reverse black enamel monogrammed HR and dated 1696; in a later gilded frame and wooden cover with description from later date.


Detail 1 Detail 2

100-200.- Euro


Natale Schiavoni (1777-1858)-attributed, Allegory with Amor and Psyche; oil on canvas.


Detail 1 Detail 2

1500-3000.- Euro


A small column with fossil inclusions in black polished stone; on white stepped round marble base.

20cm height, diameter 19cm

Detail 1     Detail 2

180-380.- Euro


Austrian School around 1820, Maria with Jesus and Saint John; oil on canvas, damages.


Detail 1      Detail 2

250-450.- Euro


Chinese wooden sculpture of a horse rider with painted and decorated textile cover; damages and parts missing; Qing Dynasty.

46cm height, 28cm width

Detail 1     Detail 2



Pierre-Paul Prud'hon (1758–1823)-circle, The thorn; oil on canvas, framed.


Detail 1    Detail 2

1600-3500.- Euro


Italian alabaster sculpture of Hippocrates of Kos (c. 460 – c. 370 BC) in standing position with toga, a stick in his hands and snake at his feet; on octagonal base with some old restorations and old parts missing; the white alabaster with yellow veins; possibly Volterra 1st Half 19th Century.

70cm height

Detail 1    Detail 2

900-1800.- Euro


Munich School, View of Innsbruck with peasants and the Northern Alps in the background; watercolour on paper; in passe-par-tout; framed, under glass.


Detail 1      Detail 2

150-300.- Euro


Japanese ivory netsuke, warrior with sword; very fine carvings with black and brown engravings, on ebonised wooden base; late 19th Century.

total height 8cm

Detail 1       Detail 2

120-250.- Euro


Nazarene artist 1st half 19th Century, Jesus and Petrus at the Sea of Galilea; oil on canvas, on the reverse described Mathai 14, 25; framed.


Detail 1           Detail 2

300-500.- Euro


Large bronze bust of Elena on integrated round base; bronze cast with light brown patina, partly with verdigris; on the reverse stamped in the cast Chiuracci; 20th Century.


Detail 1      Detail 2

900-1500.- Euro


Matthias Rudolf Toma (1792-1869), A pair of paintings showing a couple with fruits in landscape and two ladies making music with a child in landscape; oil on canvas, framed, one signed centre left and dated 1828.


Detail 1             Detail 2

1800-2500.- Euro


Pair of baroque andirons, iron forge with volutes, leaves and acanthus ending; partly rusty; Austrian 1st Half 18th Century.

25cm length; height 42cm, width 25cm

Detail 2     Detail 2

150-250.- Euro


Tyrolean School 19th Century, The catch; oil on canvas, signed bottom left, framed.


Detail 1      Detail 2

150-300.- Euro


A pair of African horns with rich figural carvings on octagonal wooden bases; possibly originally used as ritual object; Central Africa 20th Century.


Detail 1      Detail 2

1500-2500.- Euro


Italian artist 19th Century, Madonna della Sedia; oil on canvas, in a gilded and carved early 19th Century collectors frame.


Detail 1      Detail 2

250-500.- Euro


A small stone column with corinthian capital and floral sculpted decorations on quadratic plinth; sand stone; 19th Century.

height 55cm

Detail 1      Detail 2

250-450.- Euro


Josef Carl Berthold Püttner (1821-1881), Fisher boats at stormy sea; oil on oak panel, framed signed bottom right and dated 1844; on the reverse old description and Austrian wax seal.


Detail 1     Detail 2

1000-1500.- Euro


Small French directoire oval working table on two round column feet, each with two extended legs and bronze connection, one drawer and oval top; mahogany on hardwood veneered; French 19th Century.

height 73cm, width 50cm

Detail 1    Detail 2

60-120.- Euro