Lot101 Detail


Pierre-Philippe Thomire (1751–1843)-manner of, A pair of very large French bronze candelabra in empire style, each on quadratic bronze base with stepped borders ending in acanthus leaves and a half bowl, on these a female angel standing with waved folded dress and holding and bunch of six open work branches, each ending in a spout crowned by a final spout on top; very rich decorated with small leaves, rings and flowers; gilded and the angels and bases with original dark patina; the bases as well with gilded lyras; casted bronze with original hand finish and patina; a pair.

137cm height

Detail 1 Detail 2

3500-7500.- EUR

Lot102 Detail


William Hogarth (1697-1764)-attributed, A pair of portrait caricatures; oil on paper, framed; on the reverse old paper label by W. H. Martin 54 High Street, Eaton.


Detail 1 Detail 2

400-600.- EUR

Lot103 Detail


Ancient Indian stone head of a goddess with very fine and deeply sculpted hairs and face; possibly part of an original full body sculpture; dark stone; 15th/16th Century or later.

height 33cm

Detail 1  Detail2                                                                                                                    

2400-3800- EUR

Lot104 Detail


Small Chinese travel casket with hand grip, rectangular shape, wood; with front side to be opened, inside three drawers; black with coloured lacquered decorations; the front with floral cloisonné enamel decorations; 19th Century.

height 14cm, width 17cm, depth 9,5cm

Detail 1      Detail 2

250-450.- EUR

Lot105 Detail


Charles X jardinière table on four canted high legs with lower connection in H-shape; wide extended upper border with open work bronze gallery, original metal basin; rosewood veneered with rich maple intarsias in Neogothic style; partly carved and on four brass wheels; French around 1830-40.

82x41cm, height 87cm

Detail 1       Detail 2

900-1600.- EUR

Lot106 Detail


Károly Markó the Elder (1793-1860)-attributed, Italianate landscape with girls on a bridge by a waterfall; oil on paper, laid down on canvas, described bottom left, framed.


Detail 1 Detail 2

1000-1500.- EUR

Lot107 Detail


Large Chinese porcelain bowl with thin and wide neck, bowed shape, painted in blue colours with dragons and decorations; blue six signs marks on white ground under glaze, grooved waved decorations.

42cm height, width 45cm

Detail 1             Detail 2

350-550.- EUR

Lot108 Detail


Louis Marie Sicardi (1746-1825), Portrait of a lady in front of grey background, signed and dated 1812 bottom left; oil on wooden panel.


Detail 1 Detail 2

400-600.- EUR

Lot109 Detail


Blanc de Chine Chinese porcelain figure with monk with chain and bowl sitting on a dragon in the sea; on the reverse script signs.

height 34cm, length 36cm

Detail 1       Detail 2

600-900.- EUR

Lot110 Detail


German artist from the Romantic period, Hunters with horses and their dogs hunting a deer in landscape; oil on canvas.


Detail 1      Detail 2

300-500.- EUR

Lot111 Detail


Chinese sword from a court member with damascene blade with open work and gilded script signs and dragon; orange fish skin with casted bronze mounts, hand finish with dragons and clouds, hand protection in bronze and hanging holes.

99cm length

Detail 1 Detail 2

300-600.- EUR

Lot112 Detail


Jean-Baptiste Debret (1768–1848)-attributed, Brazilian landscape with lady sitting by easel painting, a servant, under a pergola, with view to a village in landscape; oil on canvas, in a gilded frame.


Detail 1 Detail 2

900-.1800.- EUR

Lot113 Detail


Martin Carlin (1730-1785)-attributed, Small etagère on three shaped feet with fluted and bowed turned central column; in mahogany, with three round painted porcelain plates in different sizes, with multicoloured painted flowers, on white ground, glazed; possibly French porcelain with open work bronze galleries; on the upper end a fluted knob ending; stamped on the lowest section under the porcelain plate „M. Carlin“; signs of age; 18th/19th Century.

height 100cm, width 38cm

Detail 1 Detail 2

700-1400.- EUR

Lot114 Detail


Élisabeth Vigée-Lebrun (1755-1842)-after, Large painting of a lady with child; oil on canvas, described on the bottom L. Nicolalas d'apres Vigée Lebrun; in a gilded frame.


Detail 1 Detail 2

500-800.- EUR

Lot115 Detail


Chinese roll painting of Buddha with four guardians in the sky; body-colour on textile, framed with decorated silk dragons in gild and other colours; possibly Qing Dynasty.

length 270cm, width 112cm

Detail 1 Detail 2

800-1500.- EUR

Lot116 Detail


Jakob Philipp Hackert (1737-1807)-attributed, View of Tivoli with some maidens under tree; watercolour on paper; described bottom right and dated 1792; framed.


Detail 1      Detail 2

1600-2800.- EUR

Lot117 Detail


Elegant bureauplat in directoire style on four long round fluted legs with gilded bronze shoes and cariatydes; rectangular body with open legs space and five drawers; fluted sides ornaments and fields, with gilded bronze drawer geometrical decorations; the top with wooden border band and with two side tops for extension; mahogany veneered and partly massive on hard wood, with bronze casted and gilded fittings; free standed; on the reverse decorated with bronze gilded geometrical lines; French 19th Century.

130x70cm, height 75

Detail 1       Detail 2

900-1500.- EUR

Lot118 Detail


Rosa Schweninger (1848-1918), Girl with folded hands, oil on canvas, framed.


Detail 1     Detail 2

600-1000.- EUR

Lot119 Detail


Pair of large imperial Chinese cloisonné vases, conical shape with shaped round base and small neck with two white border lids with knob ending; multicoloured enamel decorations on copper with engraved copper borders; central cartouches with imperial items on yellow ground, surrounded by rich decorations on blue ground; a pair; Qing Dynasty.

height 105cm

Detail1        Detail 2

3000-5000.- EUR

Lot120 Detail


Friedrich Ritter von Amerling (1803-1887)-attributed, Girl with hat and green band; oil on canvas, framed.


Detail 1    Detail 2

700-1200.- EUR

Lot121 Detail


French bronze bust of Jean Baptiste Molière (1622-1673) looking to the side, very fine bronze cast with original patina; on ebonised wooden base with grey and red marble fields; 19h Century.

height 61cm

Detail 1     Detail 2

700-900.- EUR

Lot122 Detail


Natale Schiavoni (1777-1858)-attributed, Sleeping beauty, oil on canvas, described bottom left, framed.


Detail 1       Detail 2

1800-3500.- EUR

Lot123 Detail


Large hall mirror in baroque style; wood carved curved and open work shape with volutes, flowers and leaf decorations; gilded and the gilding as well with grooved and hammered ornaments in the gild; the top and mirror arched; Vienna 19th Century.


Detail 1     Detail 2

1500-2500.- EUR

Lot124 Detail


Italian artist early 19th Century, View of Pompei with the Vesuvius and visitors; oil on canvas, framed.


Detail 1      Detail 2

300-500.- EUR

Lot125 Detail


Chinese enamel vase, round canted shape, with six reserves on yellow ground, with flowers and animals painted; rich floral decorations; copper borders, thin neck; inside pink enamel; Canton 19th Century.

height 33cm

Detail 1     Detail 2

100-200.- EUR

Lot126 Detail


Greek School 19th Century, The dead of Marco Botsaris in the battle for liberation; oil on canvas, framed.


Detail 1       Detail 2

400-700.- EUR

Lot127 Detail


Large Asian bronze group of Guanyin sitting on a fabulous animal, on naturalistic style integrated oval base; bronze cast with very fine hand finish; the base and animal with verdigris patina and the sitting Guanyin with a bowl and box in the hands, dark patina with remains of former gilding and silvering; possibly Qing Period.

height 120cm, width 90cm

Detail 1     Detail 2

1500-2500.- EUR

Lot128 Detail


Thomas Ender (1793-1875)-attributed, Prospect of Ljubljana with the fortress, the town and mountains in the background; watercolour on paper, in passepartout, framed, under glass.


Detail 1 Detail 2

1800-2800.- EUR

Lot129 Detail


Portrait fo Zar Nicolaus I, colour lithography on paper, described in Russian and French, printed by J. Lapina, around 1912; some tears.


Detail 1 Detail 2

80-150.- EUR

Lot130 Detail


Karl von Blaas (1815-1894), Portrait of duke Klemens Wenzel Lothar von Metternich (1773-1859), oil on canvas, signed and dated 1840 bottom right, framed.


Detail 1     Detail 2

1000-1500.- EUR

Lot131 Detail


Pair of Cantonese enamel vases, each with two very fine painted court scenes on blue ground and rich flower ornamental decorations; upper and lower border with bronze ring; inside and on the bottom white glazed; damages; Canton 18th/19th Century.

height 25cm

Detail 1 Detail 2

400-700.- EUR

Lot132 Detail


Albert Rieger (1834-1905), View of Triest with the harbour, mountains and a steam boat and other ships and boats; oil on canvas, signed bottom right; in original gilded frame.


Detail 1 Detail 2

1500-2500.- EUR

Lot133 Detail


Large Russian silver representation kowsch, in bowed shape; richly decorated with birds and floral ornaments on the outer side; on the upper bottom band with Cyrillic inscription; on the reverse hand grip in form of a dragon with blue enamel and the gilded Russian eagle on top; inside gilded; on the underside described in Russian language; several silver marks; 2130g.

length 41cm, width 23,5cm,height 23cm

Detail 1 Detail 2

no reserve

Lot134 Detail


Giovanni Grubacs (1830–1919), Lot of three watercolours showing River Degli Schiavoni, Saint Mark Square and Canale Grande; watercolour on paper; two signed on the bottom; in passepartout; framed, under glass.

each 110x155mm

Detail 1     Detail 2

300-600.- EUR

Lot135 Detail


Chinese ceremonial dress, black cotton with gilded embroidery, decorated with dragons, sun, butterflies and garlands, inside grey textile; two mantle knobs; possibly Southern China.

width with open arms 152, length 132cm

Detail 1      Detail 2

500-800.- EUR

Lot136 Detail


Ernst Graner (1865-1943), View of Mürzsteg, watercolour on paper, signed and dated 1904 bottom right; in passepartout, framed, under glass.


Detail 1     Detail 2

800-1500.- EUR

Lot137 Detail


French console in Louis XV style with two shaped legs carved with volutes and central lower connection with volutes and flowers; ending in carved mussels and with shaped side and upper frieze with open work, in the centre a carved flower with open work; richly carved and decorated; on top a shaped red marble plate with white and grey veins; French 19th Century.

95x40cm, height 90cm

Detail 1    Detail 2

1400-1800.- EUR

Lot138 Detail


Portuguese artist 19th Century, Torre de Belem with ships on the river Tagus, oil on metal; described on the reverse with old paper label, framed.


Detail 1    Detail 2

250-450.- EUR

Lot139 Detail


Chinese ceremonial dress, probably from an imperial concubine; rich gilded and multicolored embroidery of dragons, clouds, a landscape and decorations on red silk, with gilded silk borders, and four knobs for closing; inside blue silk; possibly Qing Dynasty.

138cm length, width 70cm

Detail 1      Detail 2

600-900.- EUR

Lot140 Detail


Johann Matthias Ranftl (1804-1854)-attributed, Family with donkey in the mountains; oil on paper, laid down on canvas, signed and dated bottom right; in a carved and gilded classicist frame.


Detail 1       Detail 2

500-800.- EUR

Lot141 Detail


Charles Cressent (1685–1768)-after, Commode aux dragons on four long shape feet and shaped sizes and front; four drawers; shaped marble top; mahogany veneered on hard wood with rich gilded bronze mounts in shape of dragons, masks and floral ornaments; bronze shoes and decorations; Paris 19th Century.

165x64cm, height 90cm

Detail 1           Detail 2

900-1800.- EUR

Lot142 Detail


French bureauplat in Regence style on four long shaped feet with wide border and three drawers on the front; flat top with canted borders; rosewood veneered with rich floral bronze intarsias in boulle technique on the legs, size and top; all sides with gilded casted and hand finished bronze mounts in shape of female figures, masks and geometrical decorations; three four bronze gilded handgrips and gilded bronze upper border; the central top with red partly gilded leather; small damages; late 19th/early 20th Century.

160x90cm, height 81cm

Detail 1      Detail 2

1500-2500.- EUR

Lot143 Detail


French artist 19th Century, Paris street scene, oil on canvas, framed.


Detail 1             Detail 2

1200-1500.- EUR

Lot144 Detail


Austrian artist 1st half of 18th Century, View of Hall in Tirol; watercolour on paper, in passepartout, framed, under glass.


Detail 2     Detail 2

300-500.- EUR

Lot145 Detail


Chinese porcelain pilgrim's bottle in arch shape with small neck and four dragons side grips, decorated with a white dragon on each side, on blue ground, glazed; on the front two script signs, blue on white under glaze.

height 50cm

Detail 1      Detail 2

600-900.- EUR

Lot146 Detail


Franz Defregger (1835-1921)-attributed, Portrait of a man, signed and dated 1897 bottom left; oil on canvas; framed.


Detail 1      Detail 2

900-1500.- EUR

Lot147 Detail


Adolph Friedrich Erdmann von Menzel (1815-1905)-attributed, Design of two caryatids on a house, black chalk on paper, monogrammed and described on the bottom, dated 15. August 1880; corners adapted; framed, under glass, with old artist's label.


Detail 1      Detail 2

300-500.- EUR

Lot148 Detail


Russian school mid of 19th Century, Family in landscape, oil on canvas.


Detail 1      Detail 2

500-900.- EUR

Lot149 Detail


Chinese imperial dress with rich embroidery of phoenix, Chinese script signs, flowers, on yellow silk, with embroidered border band and wide band with flowers and butterflies on black silk; five buttons on the side; inside yellow silk; high collar; possibly Qing Dynasty.

total width 105cm, length 130cm

Detail 1     Detail 2

600-900.- EUR

Lot150 Detail


Chinese ceremonial container, round shape with one lid and knob ending; very fine open work decorations partly bowed and engraved with script signs; silver and silver plated on copper; two inner sections; on the bottom script signs on copper.

25cm height

Detail 1    Detail 2

300-900.- EUR