Angelika Kauffmann (1741-1807)-circle, The rape of the Sabine woman, in classical architecture; oil on canvas, framed.


Detail 1 Detail 2

2500-4500.- Euro


Classicistic artist early 19th Century, The waterfall by Tivoly, with donkey rider and washing women, and a village; oil on canvas, framed.


Detail 1 Detail 2

1500-2500.- Euro


Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775-1851)-attributed, View of a town with bridges, boats and peasants by a river, in landscape; oil on canvas, framed.


Detail 1  Detail2                                                                                                                    

2500-5500.- Euro


A French gold and enamel snuff box with two colour gold, oval shape with one lid; the top with central enamel medallion of boy feeding birds surrounded by a floral band and guilloched red enamel; the outer border as well decorated with rich floral ornaments; the sides as well decorated with four red guilloched fields and multicoloured enamel floral bands; the underside with central red field and floral band; inside stamped Paris 1778, master: possibly Pierre-André Barbier (died 1776); Weight 120g.

6,2cm length, width 4,8cm, height 2,7cm

Detail 1      Detail 2

2800-5500.- Euro


Johann Baptist Lampi the Younger (1775– 1837), Monumental Portrait of Emperor Franz I of Austria (1768-1835), in standing position as a field marshal with the Order of the Golden Fleece; in an arched architectural door with two angels holding the German imperial crown over him and the Austrian crown at his feet; down on the right side remains of signature; oil on canvas; Franz I refuses the Emperorship of the Holy Roman Empire in 1806 and founded the Austrian Empire in 1804, which indicates that the painting was created in between these dates.


Detail 1       Detail 2

4500-6500.- Euro


A small snuff box in rectangular form with one lid and knob to open it; tortoiseshell with turned ivory feet and ivory border; around 1800.

8x4,7cm, height 4cm

Detail 1 Detail 2

170-250.- Euro


Anne Valayer Coster (1744-1818)-attributed, Still life with plums on a bowl, glasses and apples on a plinth, on glass, framed.


Detail 1             Detail 2

600-900.- Euro


A French baroque small writing desk decorated in Boule technique intarsias on oakwood and hardwood; on four curved long legs, rectangular body with waved lower borders and six drawers on the sides, one central dower and door; the top with bronze cover on the border; on top sides and front with rich partly engraved bronze intarsias on red tortoise-shell; on ebonised wood with geometrical strings; the reverse with geometrical bronze intarsias on ebonised wood; with gilded bronze fitments on sides, centre and feet; original iron locks; French 18th Century.

85x52cm, height 83cm

Detail 1 Detail 2

1200-2500.- Euro


Joseph John Jenkins (1811-1885),The water source, watercolour on paper, signed centre, framed under glass.


Detail 1       Detail 2

180-400.- Euro


A round French powder or snuff box, leather mantel decorated with gold, stars and borders; in the centre oval golden mount, inside very fine watercolour showing a vase with flowers and fruits, under glass; damages; Paris around 1790.
diameter 7,5cm, height 3cm
400-600.- Euro

Detail 1      Detail 2

160-240.- EUR


Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640)-studio, Oil study of a bishop kissing Jesus' feet; oil on canvas, framed.


Detail 1 Detail 2

800-1500.- Euro


A large bronze sundial with open work scale and engraved decorations; Arabic and Roman numbers, movable minutes scale; foldable with standing support and movable grade meter; on open work bronze plate with engraved baroque ornaments and letters; on four screwable feet; partly corrode and dirty; possibly German 18th/19th Century.


Detail 1 Detail 2

200-400.- Euro


Martin van Meytens (1695-1770)-attributed, Portrait of Maria Luisa of Savoy (1688-1714), in court dress with red cape in front of dark background; oil on canvas, in gilded classicist frame.


Detail 1 Detail 2

1500-2500.- Euro


A Doccia holy water basin in form of an oval wall plaque decorated with three angels, the cross with sun shines and two adoring angels, a small water basin on the lower end; white glazed; 18th Century.

37cm length

Detail 1 Detail 2

300-600.- Euro


Austrian School early 18th Century, The holy family; oil on wooden panel; framed.


Detail 1 Detail 2

250-450.- Euro


Franz Ignaz Günther (1725-1775)-attributed, Immaculata with rich cloth folds, in front of sun shines, standing on earth bowl with a snake and apple, on wooden carved base with rich baroque ornaments; extremely fine wood carving with silver gild and naturalistic colours; on the reverse old iron ring for former hanging; Bavarian 18th Century.

65cm height

Detail 1      Detail 2

1600-2800.- Euro


Abraham Brueghel (1631–c.1690)-attributed, Girl with flowers and a coral necklace in front of green curtain and view to the sky; oil on canvas, framed.


Detail 1       Detail 2

2500-4500.- Euro


Impressive frame in manieristic manner, wood carved on waved border, decorated with floral ornaments, gilded; 18th/19th Century.

picture size 65x84cm; total 103x86cm

Detail 1     Detail 2

100-200.- Euro


Frans Hals (1580-1666)-follower, Portrait of a gentleman; oil on canvas, framed.


Detail1        Detail 2

200-400.- Euro


Upper Austrian rider wardrobe with two doors, stepped and bowed edges and stepped and shaped frieze and base; on five turned feet; party collapsible; with original iron hinges, lock and iron chased mounts; completely painted with marble design and painted wooden veneer decorations; on the sides geometrical decorations in baroque manner with flowers and on the four central fields on the doors four riders on horses in landscapes surrounded by baroque decorations; pine wood with some later restorations; possibly Saint Florian around 1800; damages.

height 195cm, width 165cm, depth 60cm

Detail 1    Detail 2

800-1500.- Euro


John Nost Sartorius (1755–1828)-attributed, Horse riders with dogs in landscapes; oil on canvas, framed.


Detail 1     Detail 2

1200-1600.- Euro


An European bowed sword, with canted and polished blade; on the upper side with saw tooth; the sides with engraved decorations of war symbols; the steel waved hand protection ending in lion heads and decorated with leaves, monogrammed RS; the ivory hand grip with a carved double subject of a man and a woman; around 1700.


Detail 1       Detail 2

1800-2800.- Euro


Moritz Müller (1807-1865)-circle, Nightly ferry boats by a chapel; watercolour on paper, laid down on board; monogrammed bottom right; damages.


Detail 1     Detail 2

100-200.- Euro


A short sword with iron fluted blade from the 16th or 17th Century, with a horn grip and gilded bronze hand protection and end piece with several ornamental decorations from the 19th Century.


Detail 1      Detail 2

150-250.- Euro


William Stuart (British marine painter active mid of 19th Century), Marine night battle scene between English and Napoleonic ships, possibly the Battle of the Nile; oil on canvas; described bottom left William Stuart.


Detail 1     Detail 2

1500-2500.- Euro


An iron axe with hammer and picker, partly decorated with ornaments and bowed edges; polished; 17th/18th Century; on wooden stick with bronze decorations.

65cm height

Detail 1       Detail 2

150-250.- Euro


Francesco Simonini (1686-1755)-follower, Landscape with peasants, oil on wood, framed.


Detail 1     Detail 2

100-200.- Euro


A long and fine rapier with canted and polished plate, with inscription Tomas Saiala? and sword maker's stamp; very fine steel hand protection and grip with cut leaves and scrawls; knob ending; wooden hand grip with spiral and metal decorations; possibly 17th Century.


Detail 1 Detail 2

1800-2500.- Euro


Joseph Holzer (1824-1876), The Gosausee in the Salzkammergut with hunters and a boat, in the back ground the Dachstein; oil on canvas, signed bottom left, framed.


Detail 1 Detail 2

4000-6000.- Euro


Monogrammist M. Sf., Brazilian landscape with the view of Sugarloaf Mountain by Rio de Janeiro, and some travellers with servants uploading a boat by the beach with peasants and houses; oil on canvas, signed and dated 1842 bottom right; framed.


Detail 1     Detail 2

900-1800.- Euro


French School 18th Century, Portrait of a couple by a river; oil on canvas, framed.


Detail 1 Detail 2

300-500.- Euro


An Anglo-Indian chess set with 32 ivory players in white and red colours, screwable, turned decorations, late 19th Century; in European wooden chess box.

Detail 1 Detail 2

300-500.- Euro


Russian icon with a bronze cross in the centre, surrounded by Maria and other saints; Cyrillic description and the entombment of Christ in two smaller sections; oil on wooden panel, described on the reverse; 19th Century,


Detail 1 Detail 2

200-400.- Euro


Lot of three Russian icons; two with painted Maria, oil on wood; one with gilded bronze oklad and one with metal decorated cover; 19th/20th Century.

Smallest 18x15cm, largest 29x17,5cm

Detail 1     Detail 2

80-150.- Euro


A very fine Russian icon with 29 stations from the life of Christ and the four Evangelists on the corners, and Cyrillic description; oil painted partly on gold ground, on wood; 19th Century.


Detail 1      Detail 2

200-400.- Euro


Giuseppe Zocchi (c. 1711–1767), The Queen of Saba presents gifts to King Salomon; oil on canvas, framed.


Detail 1     Detail 2



Russian icon with Godfather and Saints in four sections; oil on wooden panel, with Cyrillic description, early 19th Century.


Detail 1    Detail 2

150-250.- Euro


An Ottoman or Black Sea region coffee pot with long neck and spout, lid with hand grip; copper partly decorated and silvered; 18th/19th Century.

height 42cm

Detail 1    Detail 2

200-400.- Euro


Italian or French sculptor late 18th Century; Maria with Jesus and Joseph, white marble sculpted in half relief and described; in original gilded frame.

20cm diameter

Detail 1      Detail 2

900-1500.- Euro


A small stone column with white and grey fossils inclusions in black stone; on white stepped marble base.

20cm height, 17cm width

Detail 1       Detail 2

180-250.- Euro


Unknown artist 19th Century, Cat, oil on canvas; framed.


Detail 1           Detail 2

150-250.- Euro


Two oriental porcelain elephants each with one candle holder, naturalistically formed with multicoloured painted decorations, glazed.

25cmheight, length 21cm

Detail 1      Detail 2

80-150.- Euro


Friedrich Gauermann (1807-1862)-attributed, Oil study on paper, laid down in canvas; trees by a path in landscape; unfinished; on the bottom right monogrammed F. G. and dated 1853; on the reverse as well described; in gilded period frame.


Detail 1             Detail 2

700-1500.- Euro


Three Islamic ceramic containers in different shapes, with blue and turquoise paint on white ground, glazed; damages and old restorations; one signed under glazed on the bottom; possibly Near East 19th Century; three pieces.

largest 25cm

Detail 2     Detail 2

200-400.- Euro


Unknown artist around 1830, Still life with grapes, peaches and pomegranate, on stone plinth; dark background with butterflies; dated 1830 and signed bottom right; in original gilded frame.


Detail 1      Detail 2



A model of an Indian wardrobe with two doors and extended upper frieze; massive wood with very fine metal, ivory, coloured ivory and ebonised intarsias in geometrical design on the front, sides and top; feet and parts missing, damages; 19th Century.

25cm height, 20cm width, 8cm depth

Detail 1      Detail 2

80–150.- Euro


An oriental possibly shia decoration or official sign sword; with richly calligraphic decorated plate and on each side three gilded portraits of officials with two snakes; polished; with polished hand grip, with hand protection ending in flowers.

Length 93,5cm

Detail 1      Detail 2



An Ottoman or Black Sea region silver possibly Hamam bowl, round shape with richly chased animals in arches surrounded by flowers; in the centre a snake and a sculpted deer; possibly 18th Century; 170g.

diameter 12cm, height 3cm

Detail 1      Detail 2

400-600.- Euro


Austro-Hungarian School 19th Century, Child with toy soldier in interior; oil on canvas, framed.


Detail 1     Detail 2

150-250.- Euro


An oriental ring of an honourable person with rich figural and ornamental engravings on gilded metal, in the centre a brown and white glass or stone; possibly 17th/18th Century or later.


Detail 1    Detail 2

150-250.- Euro