Danish or German Artist, from the Romantic Period early 19. Century the Crossing, oil on Canvas, framed.


280 -450.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Alessandro Milesi (1856-1945), the Antique seller, Oil on board, signed bottom right,framed, on the reverse an old expertise from the Brera Milano.


1800 -2500.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Chinese Cloisone Vase, bronze cast with fine hand finish and original patina, curved shape with wider edges, two dragons on the side as handgrips, canted feed and neck, decorated with enamel in multi colours ,on the bottom four sign mark.

Height 37 cm

150- 300.- Euro

Detail 1  Detail2                                                                                                                    


Italian empire Pietra Dura Hall Table on classic wooden feed with four lion feeds holding an octagonal plinth with bowed sides in the centre a column decorated with carved leaves and laurel band, mahagony on wood veneered, the marble top with geometrical stone Intarsia in Pietra Dura Technique, around 1830.

Height 70 cm, diameter 90 cm

1900 -3500.- Euro

Detail 1      Detail 2


School of Paris Late 18. or first half 19. Century, Perspective View to the old Hotel de Ville, the Seine and the Ille St.Louis, Oil on Canvas, the upper sky part adapted, framed.


300- 600.- Euro

Detail 1       Detail 2


Pair of blue Glass Goblets, each with lid and long standing feed bowed and curved shape partly cutted, inner chip, late 19. Century.

40 cm high

80- 160.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Vaclav Brozik (1851-1901)-attributed, Portrait of a man with red cape, signed centre right, oil on board, framed.


500 1000.- Euro

Detail 1             Detail 2


Pompeian Satyr Sculpture, Bronze cast with original patina on integrated quadratic plinth, 19./20. Century.

80 cm

400- 800.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Vincenzo Capessiero, Neapolitan Artist 19. Century, Pair of Portraits with a fisherwoman and a Young fisher in front of the coastline and the Vesuvio, Oil on Canvas signed framed


800- 1400.- Euro

Detail 1       Detail 2


Pair of Chinese column Vase stands, wood carved with rich open work ornaments in open space work, the columns on three legs ending in dragon mouths, richly carved with flowers dragons and ornaments on top a quadratic plinth, 19. Century.

123cm high

800- 1600.- Euro

Detail 1      Detail 2


Carlo Brancaccio (1861-1920) Neapolitan Street scene, oil on board signed bottom right, framed.


200 400.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Chanukka Lamp, bronze casted with eight light spaces and one servant light, open work ornaments on the side and back ,Hebrew inscription and Magen David on top, original patina Dutch 19. Century.


300 500.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Fritz Grebe (1850-1925), Landscape with fisher boats in a Fjord in the background a steam ship, oil on Canvas, signed bottom right.


900- 1800.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Natale Schiavoni (1777-1858)-circle, Erotic Lady, Oil on Canvas, framed.


1600 -2500.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Joseph Watten (1838-1913), a funny coach ride, oil on wooden panel framed signed bottom left.


400- 800.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Chinese porcelain dish in rectangular form with waved border and blue painted dragon and flower decorations on white ground, glazed on the bottom blue painted script signs, Qing Dynasty.

22x17 cm

80 -150.- Euro

Detail 1      Detail 2


Auguste Couder (1789-1873)-attributed, female nude signed bottom left oil on board, framed.


150 -300.- Euro

Detail 1       Detail 2


English Sextant by Henry Barrow&Co London, brass construction with movable lenses and scale with arabic numbers, stand feeds and wooden grip, in original black wooden box, 20. Century.


50 -80.- Euro

Detail 1     Detail 2


Theodor Groll (1857-1913)-attributed, allegorical scene with an Italian girl and two children in landscape oil on Canvas laid dawn on panel, framed signed bottom right.


600 -1200.- Euro

Detail1        Detail 2


Austrian school early 19. Century, two Paintings of horses in bridle, Oil on metal framed, Provenance original from a postmaster horse exchange station in lower Austria.


400- 800.- Euro

Detail 1    Detail 2


Italian Artist 19. Century, Portrait of a young girl with earrings, watercolour on paper signed bottom right, framed under glass.


280- 450.- Euro

Detail 1     Detail 2


Frank, Artist early 20. Century, Flower girl, Oil on Canvas signed and dated bottom right 1904 framed.


1200 -1800.- Euro

Detail 1       Detail 2


Chinese Warrior Sculpture, in armour and dress with helmet and waved band a lance in his hands, wood carved with remains of gilding, Qing Dynasty.

23 cm high

80 -150.- Euro

Detail 1     Detail 2


Josef Thoma (1828-1899), Sempach in Switzerland, Oil on Canvas, signed dawn right, framed.


1000- 1600.- Euro

Detail 1      Detail 2


Jules Cheret (1836-1932)-attributed, Allegory of Parisian Live, Oil on Canvas, described on the reverse.


1800- 2800.-Euro

Detail 1     Detail 2


Chinese Bronze male Fo Lion with ball and band in his mouth on open work base with decorations, bronze cast, with original patina partly rubbed, parts missing, Qing Dynasty.

16 cm high

80 150.-Euro

Detail 1       Detail 2


German school late 19. Century, Portrait of a Girl , Oil on Canvas, framed.


350 -550.-Euro

Detail 1     Detail 2


Pair of Cantonese Familie Verte Guardian Vases, in curved bombed shape with short and wide open neck, on top lid with upstanding border arched top and a lion finial, very rich painted multi coloured decorations with flowers, ornaments and court Scenes, partly gilded, a pair, on wooden stands, Southern China 19. Century.

112cm high

3800- 5500.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Munich School 19. Century, Portrait of a young girl , Oil on Canvas, framed.


480 -600.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Stone Eagle with wings feathers and claw feeds in upstanding position, weathered, possibly 19. Century.

50 cm

500 900.- Euro

Detail 1     Detail 2


Pair of Chinese porcelain vases, with out-bowed upper and lower border, thickened centre, decorated with dragons, flowers and fruits in relief technique, painted and glazed. On the underside blue script signs under glass.

Height: 14cm

600-900.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


French Aubusson Armchair, with curved legs, lower border and armrests, wood carved, the sides with ears, the seat, back-seat and ears covered with Aubusson flower tapestries. damages, 18th/19th Century.

105 x 62 cm, Seat-height: 42 cm

150 -250.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Lot of three Austrian Biedermeier Containers, wood veneered and massive with lids and partly interior, different techniques, early 19th Century.

150- 250.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Pair of Life-size Greyhound Sculptures, naturalistic bronze cast with fine hand-finish polished and dark patina and verdigris, possibly French, 20th Century.

Length: 110, Hight: 107 cm

3800-5500.- Euro

Detail 1     Detail 2


Venetian bureau in baroque style, in two parts, on four curved feet, curved sides, lower front, border and top, the front with two doors, central fall front and two lower doors, richly decorated with painted flowers and oriental scenes, inside as well painted with gilt and brown flowers, fitted with textile and glass shelf. On top 5 half open work ornaments, bronze mounts, two keys, 19th Century.

Height : 230 cm, Width: 105 cm, Deep: 50 cm

900 -1800.- Euro

Detail 1      Detail 2


English Clock, silvered metal dial, iron fingers, and moon display, partly engraved with four bronze angel mounts in wooden casket with one glass door and bronze mounts, on the sides open work decorations and wooden backdoor, one key function not proofed, 19th/20th Century.

Height: 22 cm

200- 400.- Euro

Detail 1     Detail 2


German Artist around 1900, Oil study of a lady from the side, oil on canvas.

60,5x46,5 cm

200 -400.- Euro

Detail 1    Detail 2


Indochinese Bronze drum cylindrical shape with slim centre part and four handgrips, bronze cast with original patina and decorated musicians and ornaments, flat top with grooved rings. 18th/19th Century.

Height 33,5 cm

200- 400.- Euro

Detail 1    Detail 2


Pair of large bronze containers, each on three legs with leaves and flower decorations connected with a triangle, the out-bowed body with fluted and rounded ornaments, out-bowed top with decoration bands, leaves and fluted and stepped border. Bronze cast with dark patina and verdigris, possibly French, 20th century.

Diameter: 52 cm, Height: 50 cm

2800 4500.- Euro

Detail 1      Detail 2


Antonio De Vity (1901-1993), pair of paintings with views of Venice, oil on canvas, signed and framed.

50 x 69 cm

2500 3500.- Euro

Detail 1       Detail 2


Head of an asian godness, with decoration on front and the reverse, different techniques and materials, signs of age.

20 cm

100 -200.- Euro

Detail 1           Detail 2


Belgian School early 20th Century, girl with parrots, oil on canvas, signed, framed.

64 x 79 cm

550- 750.- Euro

Detail 1      Detail 2


Chinese Porcelain Bowl, with blue and red painted dragons and fish on white ground, glazed, the other side in brown colour and six script signs. Qing dynasty.

Diameter: 40 cm

200 400.- Euro

Detail 1             Detail 2


Rudolf Stoitzner ( 1873-1933), the main Alley in the Vienna Prater with a coach, oil on canvas, framed, signed bottom right.

75 x 100 cm

400 -800.- Euro

Detail 2     Detail 2


Bronze Bulldog, naturalistic bronze cast with fine hand finish and original patina, possibly English, 20th Century.

Length: 67, Height: 40 cm

500- 800.- Euro

Detail 1      Detail 2


Hungarian Artist Middle of 19th Century, historical scene, oil on canvas, signed bottom right, framed.

55x70 cm

300- 500.- Euro

Detail 1      Detail 2


A late Ming bronze sculpture of goddess Guanyin; bronze cast with very fine and deep cutted hand finish, original gilding, partly engraved, with floral decorations, the crown, arms, breast and feet with rich ornamental decorations; the hair with original dark patina, on the reverse six-signs marks in the back; bottom with copper plate with floral decorations, possibly Indo-Chinese 16/17th Century.

Height: 47cm
2800 -7500.- Euro

Detail 1      Detail 2


A.V. Ria Artist 20th Century, Neapolitan fisher boats on the coast, oil on canvas, signed bottom right, framed.

60 x 117 cm

700-900.- Euro

Detail 1      Detail 2


Pair of Napoleonic miniatures, showing the Emperor inspecting the Infantry and Artillery, watercolour on I. laid down on paper, one signed on the bottom right, in highly decorative I. frames with engraved flower ornaments and gilded bronze border. The frames possibly Dieppe. 19th Century.

Miniatures: 15 x 33,5 cm, Total: 27,5 x 46,5 cm

600- 1800.- Euro

Detail 1     Detail 2


Austrian School 19th Century, waiting time, oil on canvas, signed bottom right „H.Max“, framed.

26 x 13 cm

280 -450.- Euro

Detail 1    Detail 2