Italian Majiolica Dish, round shape in the centre landscape, surrounded by colours in blue, monogrammed on the under side. Around 1800.

Diameter 30 cm

60-120 Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Icon of Saint George, oil on wooden panel, partly gilded, with description, south eastern Europe, 19th Century.

30 x 20 cm

100-150 Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Martin von Molitor ( 1759- 1812)-attributed, lot of two watercolours. The first crossing a bridge in the alps, watercoloour on paper, in passepartout framed under glass. The second, view of a landscape through an arch, watercolour on paper, framed under glass.

25 x 16 cm and 32 x 22 cm

180-250 Euro

Detail 1  Detail2                                                                                                                    


Ebonized Frame, with open work carving, in rectangular shape with garlands, faces and flowers, including a male portrait around 1810.

25 x 18 cm

200-400 Euro

Detail 1      Detail 2


Claude Joseph Vernet (1714-1789)-attributed, Pair of Paintings showing a Port with washing womans a male and a waterfall and Port with ships and peasants, Oil on Canvas, in french gilted frames.

31x64 cm

800-1600 Euro

Detail 1       Detail 2


Bowed Sable, polished blade with handgrip and handprotection leather and iron sheat around 1800

75 cm long

150-250 Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Marie Louise Élisabeth Vigée-Lebrun ( 1755 - 1842) - attributed, portrait of a elegant lady with guitar and red dress and hat in front of a niche, oil on canvas possible signed bottom right and dated 1769, on the reverse old paper labels with discription, oval frame.


1800-3500 Euro

Detail 1             Detail 2


A Gallo Sienna Marble Basin in baroque style with octogonal base and outbowed and curved central feet with sculpted decorations in relief technique, on top a cartouche shaped basin with four volutes on the corners and bowed borders. On the sides two red stone ovals surrounded by volutes. Partly stepped and bombed with old holes from former mount. Collapsible in two parts.

Height 105 cm, Width 70

1400-2800 Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Jean-Baptiste Huet (1745- 1811)- attributed, Lion with open mouth in standing position, water colour with pattern or mechanical technique on paper, signed and dated botton left 1807, in passepartout, framed under glass.

26x35 cm

120-250 Euro

Detail 1       Detail 2


Rare Aqua Santa in Renaissance Style, octagonal base with round central feet, stepped and partly with outstanding borders. On top a round basin with waved, shaped borders in green marble with white veins.

Height 110 cm, Diameter 60 cm

1600-2800 Euro

Detail 1      Detail 2


Italian Artist 18.Century, Bathseba at her toilet, oil on wooden panel in gilded frame, oval.

13x18 cm

500-800 Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Antonio Canova (1757- 1822)-attributed, Bust of Maria, very fine and deeply sculpted with waved and falted clothes, drapped hair, looking down to the right side, white marble with fine grey veins. On the reverse signed at the right side „Canova, Roma 1799“. Compare ; Grave of Pope clement XIII (1690-1769) in Rome.

Height: 49cm

2600-5500 Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Caspar David Friedrich ( 1774-1840)-attributed, owl on a branch with moonlight at night oil on wooden panel on the reverse old paper labels with description in german and stamp from the Dresden art exibition 1926 framed

30x22 cm

1200-2400 Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


North Italian Artist around 1700, small marble sculpture of Jesus with the lamb and stick (parts missing). In standing position with waved coat, hand sculpted in withe marbe with grey veins, old restorations.

Height 48cm

400-800 Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Italian school, girl with a pigeon and hat in taditional dress oil on canvas framed, 18th Century.

62x49 cm

800-1600 Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Two Busts of a male and female subject, both torsos with parts missing and old restorations.

Height about 40-50 cm

800-1600 Euro

Detail 1      Detail 2


Hungarian school around 1800, portrait of an noble man in traditional dress oil on canvas framed on the frame old brass lable „J.Merckl 1793“ on the reverse described

85x69 cm

500-800 Euro

Detail 1       Detail 2


A Louis XVI paravent, comprising four sides, each in rectangular shape with arched top, wood carved frame with rich carved border decoration in classical manner, akhanthus leaves and on the border two fields in the centre a carved rose, original gilded, each fittet with red silk tapstry, decorated with oval medaillon in center with birds surrounded by flowers, arrows and music instruments, manufactured in Aubusson technique. The reverse of each panel with textile and gillded wooden parts. Hinges from later date, damages, possibly Paris around 1790.

Height: 165cm, Lengh: 250cm

600-1200 Euro

Detail 1     Detail 2


St.Helena, Copper print of the island in german language after Napoleons capture with description of the most important places by Jos. Eder Vienna on paper early 19.Century in passepartout framed under glass

23x31 cm

80-120 Euro

Detail1        Detail 2


Pair of Lombardian Iron Consoles, each on four double waved and S-shaped iron legs ending in volutes, rusty, in the centre with bronze decorations. Connected with four waved iron rods as well with bronze decorations ending on the ends in volutes. In the centre iron flowers, the other one with a fleur de lys. The top with waved iron rod and central waved and scrolled decorations. Original marble tops missing, original hand forged and riveted connections, probably originally made for a Grotta Azzura interior in the 18th Century.

140x60cm , Height: 91cm

2400-4500 Euro

Detail 1    Detail 2


John Constable (1776 -1837 )- attributed, Landscape study in oil on wooden panel, on the reverse several stamps and labels by Kunstverein Bremen and collection Arnold Blome Bremen

50,5x23,8 cm

500-800 Euro

Detail 1     Detail 2


Column with Fossils, round shape black murble with fossils on stepped white marble base.

20 cm height

250-500 Euro

Detail 1       Detail 2


Hippocratis Magni Coacae Praenotiones, by Ludovico Dureto printed in 1758 comprising 578 pages and included index sumptibus Gaspari Meturas in leather mantel damages

37x23,5 cm

200-400 Euro

Detail 1     Detail 2


Medieval or ancient short iron sword, bright blade rusty with bronce nob and handprotection

63 cm length

200-400 Euro

Detail 1      Detail 2


Francesco Fidanza (1749- 1819) -circle, pair of water colours in sepia technic of a waterfall and a coast scene with description on paper

50x59 cm

each 800-1400 Euro

Detail 1     Detail 2


Victorian plated Can, with lid and handgrip in stand richly engraved and decorated, marked on the botton Meriden, B.Company inside enameled english around 1860

45cm height

300-600 Euro

Detail 1       Detail 2


Map of Prague, copper print partly coloured by Zürner in Vienna with description on paper late 18.Century

47x45 cm

40-80 Euro

Detail 1     Detail 2


Large Tuscan Hall Table, in renaissance manner, rectangular top with carved ornaments on the sides, on two vase column stands with H connection. Collapsible, massive wallnut, 18/19th Century.

230x85cm, Hight: 80

1500-2500 Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Jakob Alt ( 1789 -1872 ) - attributed, The esplanade in Bad Ischl, watercolour on paper in passepartout, framed, under glass.

28x43 cm

200-400 Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Pair of Berlin porcelain Vases, in urn shape on central feet and quadratic base, fluted in the center, classical scene in relief technic two handgrips in form of girls head, grey white and green painted on partly pink ground gilded, on the bottom marked B, 19./20. Century.

35 cm height

500-800 Euro

Detail 1     Detail 2


Aert Schouman (1710 – 1792), Peacock with butterfly and flowers in landscape, watercolor on paper, sign bottom right, laid on blue paper.

17x26 cm

200-400 Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Pair of Castelli dishes, ceramic round shape with blue painted satyr and godness in landscape on light blue ground on the bottom signed glazed, 18th Century.

Diameter 30 cm

300-400 Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


French Artist around 1830, elegant people vewing from a terrace possible „Marne la Vale“ Paris in distance oil on canvas signed botton right and dated 1833

45x61 cm

800-1400 Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Pair of large Castelli dishes, ceramic round shape with painted in blue colour satyrs and couple in landscapes on blue ground, signed on the other side glazed 18.Century.

52 cm diameter

300-600 Euro

Detail 1     Detail 2


Orientalist around 1870, Mandolin player with a waterpipe and two other men in front of a mosque oil on wooden panel framed on the reverse old paper lable discribed F.Brest framed

45x35 cm

400-800 Euro

Detail 1      Detail 2


Empire Centrepiece, bronze cast with three sculptures in egyptian style on round base with upper border, gilded, ebonized, decorations, feet, cutted glass dish, 19th Century.

Height: 25 cm, Diameter, 20,5 cm

160-340 Euro

Detail 1     Detail 2


Orientalist early 19th Century, girl in turkish oriental dress, preparing her hair, on the side a make up box, with half moon cover in front of a green curtain. Oil on canvas, in original gilded frame.

70 x 57 cm

1400-2800 Euro

Detail 1    Detail 2


Pair of Apothecary Albarellos, ceramic in round shape with garlands and floral painted decorations, in the centre monogramm „MCL“? Glazed, a pair. Around 1800.

19 cm

1400-2800 Euro

Detail 1    Detail 2


Italian School Mid of 19th Century, girl with goat and friuts, oil on canavas in openwork carved and gilded florentine frame.

98 x 72 cm

1800-2400 Euro

Detail 1      Detail 2


Sculpture of a Venetian Servant, terracotta on oval base of a black man in venetian baroque dress, holding his hands for supporting a tablet, original painted, with damages, 18th/19th Century.

Height 91cm

800-1400 Euro

Detail 1       Detail 2


French School, portrait of a lady in landscape, pastell on paper, framed. 19th Century.

48 x 34 cm

200-400 Euro

Detail 1           Detail 2


Venetian Stone Plinth, rectanguar form in the center st. marks lion with the open book and wings. White border, sculpted in relief technique probably sand stone, partly weathered, on the reverse two holes from former mount, 19th Century.

80 x 60 x 13 cm

700-1200 Euro

Detail 1      Detail 2


Anne-Louis Girodet-Trioson (1767- 1824)-graphic, etching after the painting "Revolt in Cairo “on paper, engraver Girard, under glass, framed, first hlf 19th Century.

50 x 65 cm

300-500 Euro

Detail 1             Detail 2


Large grotesque stone mask, with open mouth, naturalistic face and decorated with volutes and leaves, possibly from a baroque house facade, sandstone, weathered, small damages.

60 x 40 cm

500-900 Euro

Detail 2     Detail 2


Sir Joshua Reynolds ( 1723 -1792)-follower, allegory of a lady in landscape with Cupido, oil on canvas, framed.

91 x 75 cm


Detail 1      Detail 2


Pair of North Italian Garden Sculptures, each showing a female and male couple of Gardeners watering and digging in traditional dresses and hats. Possibly sandstone carved, veneto, 18th/19th Century, a Pair.

Height 90 cm

2500-5500 Euro

Detail 1      Detail 2


French School around 1820, portrait of a bearded man with white cape in front of clouded sky, oil on canvas, in a carved enbonized and gilded renaissance frame.

57 x 67 cm

1800-3600 Euro

Detail 1      Detail 2


Large Venetian Hall Table, in baroque style, on four curved legs, waved lower and upper border, partly carved, with origional painted laquer decoration with roses , flower and gild on blue and white cream colour. 19Th Century. 180x

80 cm , Height 80 cm

900-1500 Euro

Detail 1      Detail 2


Ignaz Raffalt (1800 -1857), coming home, oil on canvas, framed.

40 x 48 cm

800-1600 Euro

Detail 1     Detail 2


Pair of neoclassical caskets, in demi lune shape, each with one door and concave legs, decorated with neoclassical ornaments in cream colours, pair, possibly Turin, 19th Century.

100 x 45 cm, Height: 90 cm

1400-2800 Euro

Detail 1    Detail 2