August Pollak (born. 1838), humoristic cat, oil on canvas, signed bottom left, framed.
38 x 57 cm 1600-2800 Euro


Detail 1     Detail 2


Small Venetian console table, on four curved legs, waved lower and upper border, one drawer and carved ornaments, originally painted with flower decorations on green ground, partly gilded, possibly 19th Century.

100 x 30 cm, Height: 75cm

250-550 Euro

Detail 1     Detail 2


Charles Malfroy (1862-1918), fisherboat with house on the coastline, oil on wooden board, signed bottom left, framed.

29 x 54 cm

1400-2400 Euro

Detail 1      Detail 2


Pair of Column stands, in classical style, on quadratic base, with round stepped and fluted column, each with one door, inside to sections, pinewood, with faux marble grey colouring.

Height: 106, Column Bust space, Diameter: 34cm

800-1400 Euro

Detail 1      Detail 2


Venetian Chandelier, modell: „Ca Rezzonico, la Gondola“ with 12 lights, venetian blown glass parts, partly fluted and with different colours, on metal grid, in curved shape with volutes and two loopings. Original tazzas, later electrification not prooved, Venice 20th Century.

Height: 105 cm , Length: 160 cm

2800-5500 Euro

Detail 1      Detail 2


Pair of Venetian Light Stands, with two black servant holding a brunch of six lights in their hands, decorated with gilded ornaments, carved and waved serviette, original colouring, on quadratic bases. Electrify not prooved. 20Th Century.

Height 160 cm

800-1200 Euro

Detail 1     Detail 2


Johann Georg von Hamilton ( 1672- 1737 )-attributed, two horses drinking water in landscape, oil on canvas, framed.

46,5 x 53 cm

500-800 Euro

Detail 1     Detail 2


A knights Armour in medieval style, iron work with collapsible and moveable parts and decorations, moveable visor, one sword on octangular wooden base.

Height 185 cm

600-1200 Euro

Detail 1       Detail 2


Enrico Alessandro Fanfani(1824-1859), Andromeda, oil on canvas, signed bottom right, in carved open work gilded frame.

83x 61 cm

1800-2800 Euro

Detail 1      Detail 2


Sculpture Group after Giambologna, in the Logia Dei lanzi Florenz. Allabaster, hand sculpted on quadratic marble base with bronze relief in front. Possibly Volterra mid of 19th Century.

Height: 102 cm

2400-3600 Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Alpin Artist, two oval paintings with different scenes, oil on wooden panel, framed. 19th century.

30 x 37 cm

400-800 Euro

Detail 1      Detail 2


Impressive Italian Majolika Vase on central feet with curved body, thin neck and waved upper border. Open work hand grips, rich decorated with volutes, curves and grotesque masks, painted in the center with a shepherd and battle scenes, glazed, possibly Faenza, 18/19th Century.

83 x 45 cm

800-1400 Euro

Detail 1     Detail 2


Austrian School 19th Century, two romantic landscapes by lakes in the mountains, oil on canvas, a pair.

26 x 39 cm

150-250 Euro

Detail 1    Detail 2


Bust of Dante Alighieri (1265-1321), bronze cast with fine handfinish and original dark patina, described „Dantes“. Some old holes. 19th Century.

31 x43 cm

200-400 Euro

Detail 1     Detail 2


Lambert Joseph Mathieu (1804 – 1861), allegory of Raffaell, Sanzio and the creation of the soft style, oil on canvas, signed bottom right and dated 1846, framed.

112 x 92 cm

1400-3800 Euro

Detail 1     Detail 2


Chinese Cloisonne Vase with round body and small neck outbowed upper border and two metal handgrips. Bronze with rich multicolored cloisonee animals and flowers, small damages.

30 cm high

180-280 Euro

Detail 1     Detail 2




Johann Matthias Ranftl ( 1804 – 1854)-attributed, two italian shepherds in landscape, described and dated 1854 bottom right, oil on canvas, framed.

233 x 26 cm

300-500 Euro

Detail 1    Detail 2


Alarm Clock in Classicistic style, on oval base with angel decorations and garlands, the clock in round house with two satyrs on the sides and garlands on the top. Dial with roman and arabic numbers, under glass, iron fingers. Central european.

16 x 20 cm

400-600 Euro

Detail 1     Detail 2


Carle Vernet (1758 –1836) -attributed, miniatur, hunting scene with Napoleon and Marie Louise, watercolour on I. Signed bottom left, framed under glass.

9,5 x 20 cm

180-360 Euro

Detail 1     Detail 2


Silver Ceremonial Belt, of samll size, with 13 open work filigree chain sections and one belt buckle, possibly central or eastern europe, middle of 19th Century

Length: 75cm

300-400 Euro

Detail 1     Detail 2


Eduard Bendeman (1811-1889)-attributed, Return of the Prodigal son, oil on canvas, framed.

108 x 142 cm

1800-2800 Euro

Detail 1    Detail 2


Chinese Canton Porcelain Vase, round shape with long neck and outbowed upper border, two handgrips in form of lions and four dragon reliefs. Richly painted with two cartouches showing a court and war scene surrounded by multicoloured decorations. Glazed, damages, 19th Century.


180-250 Euro

Detail 1    Detail 2


A Pair of French Empire Candellabras, bronze, quadratic stepped base, with central fluted column and branches with spouts in form of dolphins with scrolled bodies. The top with central column with four faces, and spout with flame, decorated with gilded flowers, leaves, garlands, and figures. On ebonized body. Parts missing, Paris early 19th Century, a pair.

Height: 80 cm

800-1600 Euro

Detail 1         Detail 2


Pair of Chinese Canton Procelain Vases, round body with long neck and outbowed border, two handgrips in shape of lions, richly multicoloured painted with birds and flowers, glazed. On the underside red sign mark.

Height: 60cm

400-800 Euro

Detail 1    Detail 2


Austrian Emperors, Lot of two colour graphics showing emperor Ferdinand I. ( 1793- 1875) by Johann Schönberg, on paper and emperor Franz Joseph I. ( 1830- 1916) after Josef Brüch on paper.

100-200 Euro

Detail 1    Detail 2


Pair of French Duel Pistols, flintlock technique with iron mounts and the barrel partly canted and with gilded decorations, silver engraved trigger and mounts on carved wallnut shaft endling in birds face. Small damages, partly rusty, function not prooved. Signed on the flintlock mechanism (caine?). 18th Century.

Length: 19cm

200-400 Euro

Detail 1     Detail 2


The Schneeberg, Lithography of the Schneeberg in lower Austria after F. Wolf 1826. On paper, in passepartout.

31 x 44 cm

70-120 Euro

Detail 1      Detail 2


French Empire bronze Urn, round classical shape decorated with goddnesses from the greek mythology, bronze cast with handfinish and original light brown patina, inside metal fitting. Paris around 1810.

Height : 20 cm

180-250 Euro

Detail 1    Detail 2


Pauline Soltau (1833-1902), portrait of a girl with mandoline on balcony, oil on canvas, signed bottom right and dated 1878

108 x 85 cm

1800-2800 Euro

Detail 1    Detail 2


Asian Tradesmen Bowl, porcelain in shape of a boat with painted six european, possibly dutch, tradesmen in the centre , ships and decorations on the inner border, painted on the outside in blue on white ground, glazed.


100-200 Euro

Detail 1   Detail 2


Karl Kaufmann ( 1843-1905 ), view of a Cathedral with houses by the water, possibly Ratzeburger Dom in Germany, Oil on canvas, signed bottom right, framed.

65 x 104 cm

1800-2500 Euro

Detail 1    Detail 2


Persian Helmet, iron with richly engraved decorations of flowers, islamic texture, visor and peak endling, two iron mounts for feather support on the sides, original iron chains on the back. Remains of former gilding, partly rusty, 18/19th Century.

Height including chains: 50cm

200-400 Euro

Detail 1    Detail 2


Wilhelm Richter (1824- 1892),Emperor Franz Joseph I. At the parforce hunt with cylinder and red jacket, surrounded by other riders and dogs in landscape, oil on board framed.

92 x 65 cm

2600-5500 Euro

Detail 1      Detail 2


Iron Helmet, round shape with a front blend and visor, on the reverse four iron blades for neck protection, round finial. Iron work partly rusty, Europe, 17th Century.

Length: 46cm

400-600 Euro

Detail 1     Detail 2


German Classicistic Artist around 1800, shepherd with goats by a river in a italian landscape, with monuments and a town, signed twice „Grünfeld“, sepia on paper laid down on paper

36 x 51 cm

550-750 Euro

Detail 1      Detail 2


Unusual battleaxe, iron forged with circular axe and hammer on top, in the centre engraved monogramm „acts“, the grip screwable to be opened as a single dagger. Nop finial, partly rusty, 17/18th Century.

Length: 35cm

300-500 Euro

Detail 1     Detail 2


Four Silver Pictures, the four seasons after Jean-Antoine Watteau (1684 -1721) by „Desplace Sculpteur“ on green velvet, framed. Silver marks, 19th/20th Century.

29 x 23 cm

1200-1800 Euro

Detail 1    Detail 2


Manieristic Powder Horn, wooden body with engraved iron mounts and brass mounts. Two iron rings and open work decorations. German, 17th/18th Century.

length: 32cm

150-250 Euro

Detail 1     Detail 2


Pair of Restoration Candle Sticks, bronze cast with three legs, garlands and leaves, fluted central column and one spout. Paris around 1835.

Height : 32 cm

80-150 Euro


Detail 1 Detail 2


Lot of three powder containers, in different materials and designs, possibly made for the oriental / south european market, 18th/19th Century.

150-250 Euro

Detail 1     Detail2


Large Silver Bowl, round shape with upstanding border, partly fluted, on three long legs, decorated in the centre with warrior scenes in landscape, possibly monogrammed and marked „PG?“. Around 1900.

Weight: 1650 gramm, Height: 28cm, Diameter 32cm

700-1400 Euro

Detail 1     Detail 2


Aristides Oeconomo ( 1821-1887 )-attributed, portrait of a young girl with flowers in landscape, oil on canvas, oval , in original gilded frame, signed bottom left.

75 x 59 cm

900-1800 Euro

Detail 1     Detail 2


Monumental silver Tankard, round bride silver standring, with stepped sections, central round body with upstanding border, handgrip and curved round stepped lid with I. sculpture on top. Richly engraved and chased with battle scene in the centre and figural /ornamental decoration. Casted handgrip, as well engraved and decorated with Maid and Satyr. Inside gilded. German, possibly made by Neresheimer factory Hanau, second half 19th century.

Height : 58cm

1600-2400 Euro

Detail 1             Detail 2



Karl Kaufmann ( 1843-1905 ), a view of Naples with the Vesuv, signed with the pseudonym „August Frey“, oil on canvas, framed.

50x 80 cm

1500-2500 Euro

Detail 1      Detail 2


Pair of large silver Candelabra, in Rococo style, round and waved stand, central column with thiner and thicker parts, on top collapsible part with six branches and spouts, richly engraved and decorated with Rococo design. The Spouts screwable and with cutted and fluted glass tazas (one missing). Stamped with manufactory mark „Knapp & Schlesinger“, Berlin late 19th Century.

61 cm Weight

2800-4500 Euro

Detail 1     Detail 2


M. S. Görlich 1889, young girl with her dog and doll in landscape, oil on canvas, signed and dated bottom right, on the reverse old paper label, titled „Spielgefährten“ in gilded decorative frame.

69 x 55 cm

900-1800 Euro

Detail 1     Detail 2


E.Bottaglia 19th Century, Sculpture of a girl holding her arm in front of her smiling face, waved clothes and cap, on integrated round base. Sculpted allabastar, signed on the reverse. Second alf 19th Century.

Height 71 cm

900-1800 Euro

Detail 1      Detail 2


Franz Xaver Pieler (1876-1952)-attributed, still life with friuts and a glass goblet, oil on canvas, laid down on board, framed.

29 x 22 cm

300-600 Euro

Detail 1      Detail 2


Anglo Indian Colonial Console, on four S-shaped legs, with lower connection, upper border frieze, demi lune top and waved wall finial, richly carved open work, flowers and ornaments, massive exotic hardwood around 1860. British India. Small parts missing.

98 x 50 cm, Height

100 cm 600-1200 Euro

 Detail 1    Detail 2


Andreas Groll ( 1850 – 1907), allegory of music, oil on canvas, signed bottom right, arched, laid down on board. Framed.

112 x 165 cm

300-600 Euro

Detail 1     Detail 2