Lot151 Detail


Persian hunched sword with iron blade, rusty and gilded open work sword grip with hole decoration and hand protection; 18th/19th Century.


Detail 1     Detail 2

150-250.- EUR

Lot152 Detail


Islamic wooden board with Arabic inscription on both sides, signs of age, around 1900; Provenance: was bought in the 1960 in Morocco by the former owner.


Detail 1     Detail 2

80-130.- EUR

Lot153 Detail


Asian headdress with polished lapis lazuli stones, red stones, cypraeiades and bones arranged in geometric lines; on textile with black felt style textile and pigtailes on the sides, straps on the underside for fixing.

height 74cm, length 37,5cm 

Detail 1      Detail 2

600-1200.- Euro

Lot154 Detail


Mongolian coral jewelry, containing a necklace, an armring and a pair of earrings; with metal fittings; necklace and armring new threaded with elastic material. necklace

length 50cm

Detail 1      Detail 2

380-800.- EUR

Lot155 Detail


Chinese big lacquer casket for writing tools; ocotagonal form; the red laquer surface carved with dragon decorations; inside nine departments in black lacquer; Qing Dynasty.

Height 12,5cm, length 45cm, width 45,5cm

Detail 1      Detail 2

250-450.- EUR

Lot156 Detail


Rectangular carved wooden panel in relief technique with deep carvings showing warrior and a mandarine; gilded and lacquered; Qing Dynasty.

Height 63,5cm, width 17,5cm

Detail 1     Detail 2

380-800.- EUR

Lot157 Detail


Chinese bronze deer in standing position with antlers and a small crown; original bronze cast and light brown patina with gilded ornaments and landscapes, partly rubbed; possibly Qing Dynasty.

Height 84,5cm, length 50cm 

Detail 1     Detail 2

400-600.- EUR

Lot158 Detail


Chinese reverse glass painting showing three court ladies with a bird in a house; very well colours; original wooden frame with bronze fittment; 19th Century.

height 71cm, width 49cm 

Detail 1       Detail 2

180-250.- EUR

Lot159 Detail


Chiense reverse glass painting showing garden feast with the god Schou-Lao; well colours; in original wooden frame with bronze fittments; 19th Century.

height 65cm, width 44cm 

Detail 1      Detail 2

180-250.- EUR

Lot160 Detail


Asian reverse glass painting, theater scene with a Geisha; very well colours; in original wooden frame with bronze fittments; around 1900.

59cm height, width 43cm 

Detail 1 Detail 2

180-250.- EUR

Lot161 Detail


Chinese artist, Erotic scene with two girls; oil on canvas.


Detail 1     Detail 2

360-650.- EUR

Lot162 Detail


Four Chinese porcelain panels with scenes of a wise man and his pupil in landscape; painted in different colours, on white ground, glazed; with black and red script signs; in richly with open work carved wooden frame; Qing Dynasty.


Detail 1     Detail 2

400-600.- EUR

Lot163 Detail


Chinese People's Republic tea pot with Mao Tse Tung and Lin-Piao; high hand grip with round lid and shaped spout; black script signs on white ground, glazed; bottom mark; possibly shortly before the Cultural Revolution; 20th Century.

28,3cm height; diameter 11,8cm 

Detail 1    Detail 2

200-400.- EUR

Lot164 Detail


Chinese blue and white painted porcelain panel with horse riders and soldiers in landscape; on the upper side blue script signs on white ground, glazed; possibly 18th/19th Century; in later wooden frame.

47cm height, 32cm width 

Detail 1     Detail 2

180-250.- EUR

Lot165 Detail


Chinese blue and white painted porcelain panel with horse riders and soldiers in landscape; on the upper right side blue script signs; on white ground, glazed; possibly 18th/19th Century; in later wooden frame.

47cm height, 32cm width

Detail 1     Detail 2

180-250.- EUR

Lot166 Detail


Asian White Tara in sitting position with holy hand and feet pose, surrounded by flowers and crown; on richly decorated base; bronze cast gilded; partly with floral engravings and rubbings; base collapsible; 18th/19th Century.

47,5cm height, 34cm width

Detail 1     Detail 2

200-400.- EUR



Lot167 Detail


Japanese wood cut by Yoshitora, two ladies with script signs on paper; 19th Century; in frame, under glass.

57cm height, 37cm width 

Detail 1    Detail 2

100-200.- EUR

Lot168 Detail


Japanese wood cut from the book Hyakumim Isshu, with script sings on paper; possibly late 18th Century; in gilded frame and passepartout under glass.

22,8cm height, 16cm width 

Detail 1     Detail 2

100-200.- EUR

Lot169 Detail


Chinese reverse glass painting showing four court ladies fishing; very well colours, in original frame and bronze mark; 19th Century.


Detail 1     Detail 2

180-250.- Euro

Lot170 Detail


Chinese reverse glass painting showing mother and child, with very well colours; in original wooden frame with metal mount; around 1900.


Detail 1     Detail 2

150-250.- EUR

Lot171 Detail


Chinese reverse glass painting with two girls in erotic pose; well colours; in wooden frame; 20th Century.


Detail 1    Detail 2


Lot172 Detail


Balinese artist 20th Century, Landscape with traditional dance, a house and view to the sea; textile colours on canvas; framed.

height 92cm, width 62cm 

Detail 1    Detail 2

100-200.- EUR

Lot173 Detail


Balinese artist 20th Century, Mythological dance, textile colours on canvas, framed.


Detail 1         Detail 2

100-200.- EUR

Lot174 Detail


Chinese brush stroke container, quadratic shape with central hole; the sides with rich carvings with the imperial dragon; massive dark sandalwood.

Height 27,5cm, width 17,5cm 

Detail 1    Detail 2

100-200.- EUR

Lot175 Detail


Phurbu, iron knife with triangle blade, hand grip and old servillette, partly rusty; possibly Tibet 18th/19th Century.

Length 22,5cm 

Detail 1    Detail 2

100-200.- EUR

Lot176 Detail


Bamboo pipe with several carved decorations of fishers, birds and landscape; on wooden stand; as well carved with ornaments on the pipe tubes; probably used as opium or tobacco pipe; Southern China 19th Century.

length 343cm

Detail 1     Detail 2

100-200.- EUR

Lot177 Detail


Green Tara on richly decorated base with flowers and crown; bronze cast with original gilding; partly engraved with fine jewelry and dress, and decorated with emerald and ruby stones; Varada-Mudra position; original bottom copper plate; possibly Tibet 19th Century.

21,5cm height, 15,8cm width 

Detail 1      Detail 2

500-900.- EUR

Lot178 Detail


Chinese ceramic luck door decoration; in the centre Milofo with script signs and surrounded by Cash luck coins; partly with open work; round shape with blue and brown colours, glazed; Qing Dynasty.

diameter 18cm 

Detail 1    Detail 2

180-250.- EUR

Lot179 Detail


Chinese Ming porcelain bowl, round shape with high border; blue paint on gray glaze, partly unglazed; small stand ring.

Diameter 27,5cm 

Detail 1    Detail 2

400-600.- EUR

Lot180 Detail


Chinese porcelain food container with lid; white ground, glazed; painted over the glaze with emaille colours, a Mandarin with his men regarding a roll painting in landscape; the lid with small holes for letting out the vapors of the food.

height 11cm, diameter 17cm 

Detail 1   Detail 2

60-120.- Euro

Lot181 Detail


Japanese bronze statue of a temple guardian, bronze cast with dark patina; the guarding in defending position staying on a rock; on integrated stand with rounded corners; marked on the back side.

height 23cm, length 9,5cm 

Detail 1    Detail 2

350-550.- EUR

Lot182 Detail


Pair of Japanese Imari dishes in form of fishes; painted in red, blue and white colours, glazed; each with two cartouches: one of a wise man observing a roll painting and one of a bird; on a small stand ring; possibly Meiji Period around 1900; a pair.

Height 5,2cm, length 36cm, width 23,4cm 

Detail 1    Detail 2


Lot183 Detail


Asian bronze sculpure of the medical Buddha Bhaisajyaguru, in meditating sitting position, with a blossom in his right hand and bottle in his left one; bronze cast hand finished, gilded; on a lotus stand; bottom copper plate with mark; possibly Tibet 19th/20th Century.

Height 21,7cm, length 13,5cm 

Detail 1      Detail 2


Lot184 Detail


Chinese ceramic group of pigs, comical representation of a sow and three piglets on a bed of coins; dark ceramic; marked on the bottom.

height 18cm, length 32,5cm 

Detail 1     Detail 2


Lot185 Detail


Chinese wooden sculpture of Shou Lao (god of wisedom), root wood carved; the figure is depicted with a high forehead and a lotus blossom in the hand, staying in a stand of roots; some cracks.

Height 45,5cm, length 28,5cm 

Detail 1      Detail 2


Lot186 Detail


Chinese porcelain scultpure of Guanyin head; blanc de Chine porcelain; with a diadem containting another godness; on the back side a mark.

Height 456,5cm, length 18cm 

Detail 1     Detail 2


Lot187 Detail


Vajra/Dorje-ceptre, bronze cast with open work, very fine hand finish with lotus leaf and makara mouth; original gilding; Tibet possibly 18th/19th Century.

length 57cm, depth 14cm 

Detail 1    Detail 2


Lot188 Detail


Chinese door mount in terracotta with open work, with luck symbols, dragons and phoenix and five bats; partly green glazed; Qing Dynasty.

22cm diameter 

Detail 1     Detail 2


Lot189 Detail


Japanese round bowl on wide dish, standing on a column with long neck and wide foot; very fine turned wood with gilded floral lacquer decoration on black ground; inside hole; damages; 19th Century.

height 15cm 

Detail 1 Detail 2


Lot190 Detail


Asian porcelain dish with wide border and blue painted script signs in three rows on the border line; in the centre one large script sign; on white ground, glazed; blue bottom mark under glaze, with three script signs and blue lines on the outer border; maybe 17th/18th Century.

diameter 20cm 

Detail 1     Detail2


Lot191 Detail


Two Chinese wooden sculptures, each with two carved persons and ornamental decotations; partly gilded, with red and black lacquer and mother of pearl inlay; on the reverse reminds of old wax seals; 18th/19th Century.

length 24cm 

Detail 1     Detail 2


Lot192 Detail


Small Chinese ceramic vessel, bowed shape with small neck and two hand grips; the body with grooved and waved decorations in relief style; green celadon, glazed; possibly 16th/17th Century; on the bottom old description; bought in February 1986 in Phitranalok, Thailand.

height 8cm 

Detail 1     Detail 2


Lot193 Detail


A small Chinese jade disc in grey and brown colours, central hole; on the top, two tigers; on the bottom circle symbols; signs of age.

Diameter 5,7cm 

Detail 1             Detail 2


Lot194 Detail


A rare Asian wooden root in shape of a sitting monk; original patina; possibly 19th Century or earlier.

Height 9cm 

Detail 1      Detail 2


Lot195 Detail


Chinese opal glass snuff bottle with red flowers and birds, partly engraved and cutted; on white bouble glass flask; the lid missing; 19th Century.


Detail 1     Detail 2

80-150.- Euro

Lot196 Detail


A Satsuma ceramic round box with lid, richly decorated and painted with monks and dragon; partly gilded, on red and white ground; bottom mark, inside painted leaves; late 19th Century.

9cm diameter, heigth 5cm 1

Detail 1     Detail 2


Lot197 Detail


Standing terracotta horse on rectangular base, naturalistically formed, partly remains of old colour, signs of age; rubbings, on the bottom press mark; possibly Han Dynasty.

height 20cm, length 20cm 

Detail 1      Detail 2


Lot198 Detail


Chinese wooden sculpture of a sitting person of honour, with very fine carved and waved cloth folds and head, one hand missing; rubbigns; original gilding; possibly 18th Century; on a carved wooden base.

Height 35,5cm, width 20cm 

Detail 1      Detail 2


Lot199 Detail


Balinese Batik work, different textile colours on textile, framed, under glass; 20th Century; three pieces.


Detail 1    Detail 2


Lot200 Detail


Chinese travel mirror of a lady, wood carved with central ornament and mirror; collapsible; 18th/19th Century.

40cm height, width 24cm 

Detail 1     Detail 2