Russian School around 1900, Horse riders with slights and horses in the winter; oil on canvas, described bottom right; framed.


Detail 1       Detail 2

300-500.- Euro


Empire iron cannon oven; cylindrical shape with extension on the upper and lower border; one door and one stove-pipe; in the centre goddess Diana with a deer and on the upper section a band with acanthus leaves; iron cast, party rusty; collapsible; black patina; Austrian around 1820.

height 120cm, diameter 43cm

Detail 1      Detail 2

180-250.- Euro


Dutch School mid of 19th Century, Boats and ships at the sea; oil on canvas, monogrammed on a sail AF; framed.


Detail 1     Detail 2

400-600.- Euro


A small working table with rectangular top to be opened; on four turned legs with H connection; walnut partly veneered on pinewood, partly massive; the top with green velvet; original iron mount; Vienna around 1880.

height 80cm, 63x46cm

Detail 1 Detail 2

160-240.- Euro


Lot of two Indo-Chinese carvings in different sizes and a small Thai Buddha.

Detail 1 Detail 2

100-150.- Euro


A small miniature armoire with two doors, round corners and on four feet; walnut on pinewood veneered; inside four sections; Vienna around 1865.

51x25cm, height 60cm

Detail 1 Detail 2

120-150.- Euro


Antonio Mancini (1852 – 1930)-attributed, Portrait of a young boy with harlequin in front of red tapestry; described bottom left; oil on canvas, framed.


 Detail 1 Detail 2

1800-3500.- Euro


Fruit or wine scales with iron balance and top for the weights hanging on iron chains; iron mounted wooden weight top; original green paint, signs of age; Austrian around 1900.

120x56cm, height 75cm

 Detail 1 Detail 2

250-350.- Euro


Edmund Edel (1863-1934), Portrait of a resting child; oil on canvas; signed and dated 1921 bottom left; framed.


Detail 1  Detail 2



A Biedermeier style wooden chandelier with round central bowl and six S-shaped branches with wooden spouts; on bowl decorated wooden chains; central carved pick; wooden carved crown and richly decorated with wood carved ornaments; partly with metal; original green and gild patina; small parts missing; electrification not tested; 19th Century.

95cm height, 65cm diameter

Detail 1 Detail 2

180-280.- Euro


Alexandre Nozal (1852-1929), Landscape with houses by a river; oil on canvas, signed bottom right; framed.


Detail 1 Detail 2

600-900.- Euro


An Austrian Biedermeier display cabinet with short dimensions; one door and sides with glasses and each with three sections; iron lock and key; upstanding upper frieze; the bottom border with sawed decorations; inside three sections with two half shelves and partly with mirrors on the back side; walnut on pinewood veneered; damages; Vienna around 1835.


 Detail 1 Detail 2

450-550.- Euro


George B. Kearey, English artist early 20th Century, Rovers Return, Manchester, watercolour on paper; signed bottom left and dated 1923; in passe-par-tout, framed, under glass.


Detail 1 Detail 2

500-900.- Euro


Chinese jade sculpture of a bird, green/grey colour; on wooden stand; damages.

total height 13cm

Detail 1 Detail 2

50-80.- Euro


Carl Fröschl (1848–1934), Maria with Jesus; oil on canvas, signed upper right, framed.


Detail 1 Detail 2

200-400.- Euro


A Transylvanian baptism silver set comprising cylindrical baker in round shape with four fields, decorated with multicoloured stones and glasses, in shape of blossoms; on engraved floral ornaments, partly gilded; parts missing; and a round bowl with central low foot, decorated in the same style; 18th/19th Century; weight 945g.

Baker 16cm, diameter 9,5; bowl 8,5cm, diameter 22,5cm

Detail 1 Detail 2

2800-4500.- Euro


Pjotr C. Stojanow (1857-1957)-attributed, Troika with two hunters on a slight in winter; oil on canvas, framed; remains of signature bottom right.


Detail 1 Detail 2

500-900.- Euro


A Persian silver box in rectangular shape with engraved flowers on the sides; lid to be open, with enamel painting of a scholar in landscape surrounded by rich decorations; on four small feet; two bottom stamps; weight 310g.

14x8cm, height 3,5cm

Detail 1 Detail 2

80-150.- Euro


Carlo Wostry (1865-1943), Portrait of a lady, signed centre right; pastel on paper; framed, under glass; on the reverse old French history label.


Detail 1 Detail 2



A pair of porcelain elephants with a queen and a king with servants on top; painted and glazed, partly gilded; on the under side blue mark under glaze; 19th Century.

25cm height; width 27cm

 Detail 1 Detail 2



Hedwig Mechle-Grosmann (1857-1928)-attributed, Still life with pottery, textile, a pot and a rapier on a chair, in front of curtain; oil on canvas, signed bottom right; framed.


Detail 1 Detail 2

500-800.- Euro


A lot of 5 Asian wooden carved elephants in different styles and periods.

Detail 1 Detail 2

80-150.- Euro


Unknown Hungarian artist, Couple in landscape; oil on canvas, signed down left; framed.


Detail 1 Detail 2



A Vienna glass vase with sliced red opal glass in geometrical design; with upstanding border; in gilded bronze stand on three feet, ending in girl‘s heads, with two connection rings with floral decorations; bronze cast and gilded; 19th Century.

Height 17,5cm; diameter 15cm

 Detail 1 Detail 2

150-250.- Euro


Laszlo Neogrady (1896-1962), Winter landscape by a river; oil on canvas, signed bottom right, framed.


Detail 1 Detail 2

4000-800.- Euro


A lot of 6 Chinese porcelain objects including bowls, boxes and rolls; partly painted and glazed; different sizes and ages.

Detail 1 Detail 2

120-180.- Euro


Symbolist around 1900, Girl on a unicorn in forest; monogrammed bottom left AB; oil on canvas, framed.


Detail 1 Detail 2

100-200.- Euro


Oriental oil lamp on central canted foot with one spout, round shape and quadratic handgrip with a bird on top; one out broken lid with goat on top; parts missing; damages; the lamp with very fine engraved ornaments and Arabic script signs; bronze cast with fine hand finish and light brown patina; possibly Middle East 17th/18th Century ?


Detail 1 Detail 2

150-250.- Euro


Adolphe Appian (1818-1898), Romantic winter landscape with farmers collecting wood and warming by the fire; on the background castle; oil on canvas, signed bottom right and dated 1854; framed.


Detail 1 Detail 2

2000-3500.- Euro


Venetian chandelier in blossom shape with 8 branches in S shape with wide tazzas and flower rings; on a shaped bowl with coloured flowers and leaves; central piece with round decorated and cylindrical bowl elements; multicoloured blown glass; ribbed and hand pressed; modern electrification; collapsible; Murano early 20th Century.


Detail 1 Detail 2

1800-2800.- Euro


Laszlo Neogrady (1896-1962), Winter landscape in the mountains; oil on canvas, signed bottom left; framed.


Detail 1 Detail 2

400-800.- Euro


Two African ivory sculptures of male and female portraits, on wooden stands; sings of age.

24 and 13,5cm

Detail 1 Detail 2

150-250.- Euro



Victor Leon Dupré (1816-1879), Landscape with fishers by a river; oil on canvas, signed and dated 1855 bottom right; framed.


Detail 1 Detail 2

2500-3500.- Euro


A Chinese jade dragon or fantasy beast, sculptured in green/grey jade with brown veins; with open work, mouth and back; nicely sculpted and engraved scale and hairs; unusual shape with extraordinary beast face; possibly 17th/18th Century.


Detail 1 Detail 2

800-1600.- Euro


Karel Toman (1877-1946), View of a village; watercolour on paper, signed bottom left; framed, under glass.


Detail 1 Detail 2

150-250.- Euro


A Goldscheider terracotta bust of an oriental lady, with cape, coins and waved dress; gold painted and stamped on the reverse; Austrian around 1900.

48cm height, width 38cm

Detail 1 Detail 2

500-800.- Euro


Alfred Bachmann (1880-1964), View of Venice with the Rialto bridge; oil on canvas, signed bottom left; framed.


Detail 1 Detail 2

1200-2400.- Euro


Fille du Sudan, Sculpture of a water carrying girl in traditional dress with chains and two bowls; the string running from the bowls to the hands missing; on naturalistic rock, on quadratic base with description; on the reverse several numbers and descriptions; signs of age; bronze or copper with original light brown patina; French late 19th Century.


Detail 1 Detail 2

300-600.- Euro


Unknown artist early 20th Century, A harlequin dressed guest viewing the dancers; oil on cardboard, described bottom left; framed.


Detail 1 Detail 2

200-400.- Euro


An Indian silver enamel elephant with a cabin, a Maharaja and his elephant rider on top; on oval integrated base; with multicolour enamel, glass stones and pearls decorated; on the underside chased birds and flowers; India early 20th Century; weight 1400g.

25cm height, 17,5cm length

Detail 1 Detail 2

400-800.- Euro


Italian artist late 19th Century, The bay of Naples with the Vesuvius in the background; oil on canvas, signed bottom right, framed.


Detail 1 Detail 2

900-1800.- Euro


Lot of seven Asian wooden and bronze money symbols; partly with script signs and verdigris; seven objects in different sizes and ages.

Detail 1 Detail 2

150-300.- Euro


English colour engraving after Edwin Landseer (1802-1873), showing a horse‘ s locksmith; around 1880; framed, under glass.


Detail 1 Detail 2

80-150.- Euro


An eye turning clock in shape of a lying lion with enamel dial with Roman numbers; two fingers, one winding up hole; on wooden base; one key; metal gilded; 20th Century.

Height 24cm, length 27cm

Detail 1 Detail 2

120-180.- Euro


Luigi Da Costa, artist around 1900, The funny monk, watercolour on paper; signed upper right; in passe-par-tout, framed, under glass.


Detail 1 Detail 2

600-900.- Euro


Bronze sculpture of a standing horse looking to the side, on white marble base; bronze cast with fine hand finished and light brown patina; around 1900.


 Detail 1 Detail 2

800-1500.- Euro


Rudolf Alfred Höger (1877-1930), A funny evening; oil on canvas, signed bottom left; framed, in an early 19th Century gilded collectors frame.

Detail 1 Detail 2

1800-2800.- Euro


A large Indochinese ceremonial can in baluster shape, on one wide foot; with long thin neck; pointed spout and hand grips in shape of two snakes; extremely rich chased figural and floral ornaments with six sitting goddesses, each with four hands, monkeys, tigers and other animals; bronze gilded and partly engraved; 19th Century.

height 55cm

Detail 1 Detail 2

400-800.- Euro


Rudolf Sternad (1880-1945), Portrait of a girl with red cap; oil on canvas, signed twice and dated 1925/26.


Detail 1 Detail 2

100-200.- Euro


A Jugendstil display cabinet with arched top, two doors and sliced glass windows with bronze grid; oakwood; partly stepped; around 1905.

93x46cm, height 60cm

Detail 1 Detail 2

40-80.- Euro