Large Italian Aqua Santa Bowl, in Renaissance manner, round shape with sculpted floral border decorations, on central column, on sculpted reclining lion , yellow stone with red and grey veins, small parts missing, chips and tears, north Italian 18th /19th Century.

100 x 66 cm

2800 4500.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Pair of German Porcelain Containers, round shape with upstanding borders and painted decorations of birds and flowers in Chinese style, on white ground, glazed, each with round silver chased and floral decorated lid, marked, mid of 18th Century.

11 cm

400- 600.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Lodewijk Toeput called Il Pozzoserrato (1550-1605)-attributed, Pair of large paintings with court scenes in landscape and palace. Oil on canvas.

148 x 200 cm

4000 -8000.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Chinese Bronze Buddha, in sitting position, one hand with earth touch pose, on lotus base, bronze cast with hand finish and partly engraved, original gilding, partly rubbed, possibly southern China, 17th/18th Century.

11 cm

300- 600 .- Euro

Detail 1
Detail 2


Peeter Neeffs the Older (1578 -1659 )- attributed, Church interior with elegant people, oil on wooden panel.

32 x 41 cm

450 -900.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Asian God Sculpture with 14 Hands in sitting position, with sculpted crown, wood carved, gilted and black lacquered, 18/19th Century.

55 cm

400 -800.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2                   


Bohemian School 18th Century, priest with cross and book, oil on metal, framed.

22 x 17 cm

400- 600.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Venetian Iron Forged Fountain, in waved. cirved and bowl shape, with rich open work, volutes, scrolls and circles, upstanding iron border with two waved iron branches ending in round bowed peak with scrolls, in the centre old iron wheel for moving the buckets, partly rusty, 18th / 19th Century.

Height: 180 cm, Width 85 cm

2500- 4500.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Antoine Mirou (1578-1661)- attributed, two hunters with their dogs in landscape, oil on wooden panel, framed.

22 x 29 cm

2000 -3000.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Pair of Venetian Armchairs, on four curved legs, with carved lower border with volutes and scrolls, curved arm-rests and waved back-seat, massive walnut with fine carvings and later polstered seats and back-seats, Mid of 18th Century.

Hight : 123 cm, Width: 64 cm, Seat-height: 53 cm

1800- 2800.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Small Italian marble basin, in octagonal and waved shape, with colour glass stones, on white marble with grey veins, 19th Century.

24 x 15 x 12 cm

350- 550.- Euro

Detail 1
Detail 2


Pair of Spanish Iron Lighters, tripod base with scrolled iron ornaments, central iron column with two canted bronze nops and gilded bronze finial. Electricity not proofed. Light parts from later date. 18Th/19th Century.

Height 182 cm

900 -1500.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Green Tara in sitting position, with scrolled scarf, flowers, on Lotus base with earth touch, bronze cast with hand-finish and engravings, gilded, partly rubbed, Indo-Chinese 18th / 19th Century.

eight 47 cm

350- 550.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


A pietra Gallo Marble Basin, in oval shape, with rounded borders and two lion heads, in the centre crossed key symbol, North Italian, 18th /19th Century.

50 x 33 cm

750- 950.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Chinese Procelain Bowl, with blue painted figural scene in landscape on the outside and landscape with bridge and flowers on the inside, on white ground, glazed, the underside with blue painted four signs mark, Qing Dynasty, 17/18th Century.

Height : 6,5 cm Diameter: 16 cm

100- 200 .- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Ornithological Copper Print of an Owl printed on paper and described Strix Alba, 18th Century, framed under glass in Passepartout.

33 x 27 cm

100 -200.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Artist 18th/19th Century, Romantic Family scene in landscape, oil on canvas, framed.

66 x 53 cm

300- 500.- Euro

Detail 1
Detail 2


Lot of three graphics in different technicals, including two female drawings and a lady with her servant in an interior. 18th/19th Century.

300- 500.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


French school 18th Century, Hermes with Amor and Diana in the sky, oil on canvas, framed.

45 x 59 cm

800 -1200.- Euro



Detail 1 Detail 2


Jean-Baptiste Pigalle ( 1714-1785 )-school, Terracotta bust of a young boy looking to the side with waved hair and shirt, on round column base. Sculpted terracotta, signed on the right shoulder „Pigalle“.

Height 25 cm

600 -900.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Large Bronze Torso of a Satyr, bronze cast with fine hand-finish and green patina on metal column with naturalistic rectangular bronze base.

Height: 120 cm

1800 2500.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Pair of Genoese Palace Hall lamp Stands, on hexagonal base, with fluted column and rich carved ornaments and flowers, stepped, widened centre with stepped and grooved borders, central tripod bases with with dragons and flowers, on top standing female figures in waved dress on a flower bunch, each looking to the side, holding carved branches with leaves, ending in tazas with leaf decorations. Wood carved with original gilding and „ Faux Marble“ bases. Late 18. / Early 19th Century.

Height 173 cm

4500- 6500.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Hubert Robert (1733-1808)-follower, people by a river in landscape, oil on canvas, framed.

72 x 58 cm

600 -1200.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


French Sculptor 18/19th Century, portrait of a young boy with headscarf looking to the side with waved clothes, terracotta sculpted, on red and white marble base.

Height 45 cm

900 -1800.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Jean-Baptiste Greuze (1725-1805)- attributed, mother with child, oil on canvas.

400 -800.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Johann Adam Klein (1792 - 1875 ), the fountain in the garden of Dornbach, colour etching by Artaria Vienna, on paper. Framed under glass.

50- 100.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Henri Pierre Danloux (1753-1809)-attributed, Portrait of a man with trident and blue dress in oval. Oil on canvas laid down on wood.

27,5 x 21,5 cm

250 -450.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Chinese/ French Sculpture, of a reclining boy resting on his right arm, light brown Asian ceramic, glazed and painted with black, brown colours, in seladon technique, mounted on a Louis XVI bed, bronze cast and gilded, with very fine engraved pillow ornaments with flower decorations. On rectangular base with fluted and grooved engravings, on four concave screw-able feet. mounted on the under side with two screws. Second half 18th Century.

14 x 7 x 12,5 cm

300 -600.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


German School early 19th Century, girl with rake and bottle in landscape, oil on metal, framed.

28 x 18 cm

Detail 1 Detail 2

240- 450.- Euro


Franz Anton Zauner (1746 – 1822)-attributed, Portrait Bust of Holy Roman Emperor Franz I / II. (1768-1835) with laurel crown, sculpted in white marble with grey veins, damages, early 19th Century.

57 cm

2500 -4500.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Jean-Louis de Marne (1752-1829), horse riders in a village in landscape , oil on canvas, in original frame.

54 x 68 cm

600- 1200.- Euro

Detail1 Detail 2


Ludwig Emil Grimm (1790 - 1863)-attributed, portrait study of a probably Jenny von Droste-Hülshoff (1795 - 1859), looking to the side in front of green background, oil on canvas, framed. We are thankful to Dr. Anna Eunike Röhrig for research informations.

61 x 48 cm

600 -900.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Anne-Louis Girodet de Roussy-Troison (1767-1824)-attributed, the funeral of Atala, Oil on Canvas.

89 x 117 cm

700 -1500.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Francoise Voltaire (1694-1778) et Jean Jaques Rousseau (1712- 1778), pair of French sculptures in standing position on bronze bases, bronze cast with very fine hand-finish and original dark brown patina partly gilded. French first half 19th Century.

Height 53 cm

1800- 2800.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


French School early 19th Century, Moses in the river Nile, oil on canvas, framed.

70 x 100 cm

400- 600.- Euros

Detail 1 detail 2


Pair of Demi Lune Consoles, in neoclassical style, each with four fluted concave feet and rich floral carved decorations, gilted on light blue ground, the tops in „Faux Marbre“ possibly North Italian 19th Century.

95 x 48 cm , Height : 84 cm

1200- 1800.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


P. Pargani, Artist 19th Century, Girl in front of a mirror, oil on canvas, signed bottom left and dated 1831, in gilded frame.

80 x 62 cm

1500- 2500.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Hungarian Candelabra, Dog holding two branches in his mouth ending in leaf decoration, bronze casted with fine hand finish and original patina, on copper plate on the underside described in Hungarian language and entitled „Budapest 3 Millionen Gulden“. Possibly an old print plate. Middle of 19th. Century.

17 x 19 x 15 cm

180- 280.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Johann Ludwig Bleuler (1792-1850), pair of Swiss views of Oberhofen, lac de Thonne with chateau de Laufen and le Wetter & Wellhorn avec le glacier de Rosenhaus, watercolour on paper, framed under glass. On the reverse old paper labels.

32 x 48 cm

1500 -2500.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Egyptian Alabaster Vase, in baluster shape with small neck and wide upper border, in light brown and grey colours. On white stepped alabaster column feet on quadratic base. Early 19th Century.

48 cm

400- 800.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Small Italian Marble Base, round shape in form of a column with stepped round white base, white, red and grey colours.


250- 450.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Green Tara in sitting position, with flower decorations, bronze cast with hand finish, on the reverse script signs, copper bottom plate, possibly Tibet 19th century.

Height 45 cm

400-600.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Otto König (1838-1920), male nude drawing on grey paper signed bottom right and dated 1854.


30 -50.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Austrian school 18th Century, Jesus with Godfather and the Holy Ghost surrounded by angels, Oil on Canvas, framed.


200- 400.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


English school 19th Century, Funny Family Scene on a Farm with royal officers, Oil on Canvas.


200 -400.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Chinese Porcelain Bowl round shape with waved border, decorated with blue painted fishes and decorations on white ground glazed.

Diameter: 44 cm

200 400.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Cornelis van Leemputten(1841-1902), sheep and poultry in the stable, signed bottom right, Oil on Canvas in a highly decorative gilded frame.


1800- 2800.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Italian Artist around 1800, the dream, Oil on Canvas, framed.


500- 800.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2


Artist 19. Century, Still Life with fruits and leaves on a dish on table, Oil on Canvas laid dawn on board, signed bottom right


200 -400.- Euro

Detail 1 Detail 2