A Tyrolean wardrobe with two doors and three pilasters on a high wooden sawed and shaped base and stepped wide border frieze; wood carved with sawed maple decorations on the front side showing flowers and the Tyrolean eagle, in four door panels surrounded by sawed decorations, waved strips and eagles and others; the pilasters decorated with carved scale design and blossoms under stepped friezes; on dark brown coloured ground; iron hinges and mounts, very fine original iron lock and iron work on the inner door; damages, parts missing, old restorations; Tyrol or South Tyrol around 1700.

height 195cm, depth 70cm, width 150cm

Detail 1 Detail 2



Renaissance silver baker, round shape, with central column on extended foot; richly chased with angels' heads, fruits and ornaments; partly gilded; hall mark on the border; German 17th Century; weight 320g.


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300-600.- EUR


Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn (1606-1669)-school, Portrait of a gentleman with feather hat; in oval form; oil on canvas, framed; on the reverse old paper label with large description (partly unreadable).


Detail 1 Detail 2

400-800.- Euro


An ivory silver mounted tankard, with finely sculpted allegory of Centaur and classical figures; on silver mounted and richly chased and decorated foot and lid, on top Pan playing with flute; highly decorative finger rest and hand grip in form of an angel; inside silver gilded; on the bottom foot stamped with the Nuremberg hall mark, numbered 14 and a yet unidentified master sign; 18th/19th Century; weight 830g


Detail 1 Detail 2

900-1800.- Euro


Orazio Grevenbroeck (1670 – 1730)-attributed, View of the harbour of Civitavecchia with ships, barcs and boats, in front the sign of the Vatican; oil on canvas, framed.


Detail 1 Detail 2

1600-2400.- Euro


A German columbine cup with lid on single column with extended foot and six outbowed bowls, very fine chased and engraved decoration of birds, houses and ornaments; the central column with angel faces and volutes ending in the baker parts with outbowed bowls and birds in landscape, as well ornaments; inside and bottom, possibly later gilded; the lid as well richly decorated with outbowed bowls, ornaments and on top a boy leaf and signs of victory; very fine handmade with two Augsburg hall marks on the foot and cup and master sing IN; 17th/18th Century; 610g.

height 31cm

Detail 1 Detail 2

1800-3500.- Euro


Louis de Moni (1698– 1771)-attributed, Elegant couple with lute by a table; oil on wood, framed.


Detail 1 Detail 2                   

300-600.- Euro


A German Schnelle ceramic tankard in cylindrical shape with hand grip and pewter lid, thumb rest and bottom border; sculpted in half relief showing a German field marshal in historical dress and dated 1656; the body as well decorated with knobs; brown patina; 17th Century.


Detail 1 Detail 2

250-450.- Euro


Italian School 17th Century, The Annunciation; oil on wooden panel; framed.


Detail 1 Detail 2

400-600.- Euro


A pair of North Italian bronze sculptures of a drummer and a trumpeter, very fine bronze cast and hand finish, with dark patina; on later marble column bases; 18th/19th Century. 


Detail 1 Detail 2

600-900.- Euro


Sir Anthonis van Dyck (1599-1641)-circle, Holy family, grisaille on oak panel; on the reverse old paper labels and numbers.


Detail 1 Detail 2

400-900.- Euro


Baroque carriage clock; very fine bronze mantel with floral and figural ornamental decorations engraved and gilded; the dial to be opened as well bronze with remains of old silvering, Roman and Arabic numbers and two iron fingers; original bronze hinge and bronze ending with ring; two holes to wind up and original iron key; the gilded movement with chains and snail in perfect condition; the cover plate with iron cut decorations and the balance wheel covered with a round engraved and gilded richly decorated grid; casted iron bell, German around 1700.

diameter 11cm, total height 16cm, depth 5cm

Detail 1 Detail 2

1800-4500.- Euro


Pieter Neefs the Younger (1620–1675)-follower, Church interior with a service; oil on wooden panel, framed.


Detail 1 Detail 2

500-1000.- Euro


A small German Rococo silver coffee or chocolate pot, in shaped and bowed form with one spout and lid decorated on top with a flower; curved hand grip, one central foot; richly engraved with baroque and floral ornaments; remains of former gilding; on the bottom master sing IDP and hall marks and date 176…; weight 380g; German around 1770.

height 17cm

Detail 1 Detail 2

400-700.- Euro


Sir Peter Lely (1618-1680)-circle, Portrait of a gentleman in folded black coat and white ruff; oil on canvas.


Detail 1 Detail 2

1600-3200.- Euro


Vienna silver candle stick of aristocratic origin, round turned base with central column partly flutted and stepped, on top one spout; on the foot engraved with a coat of arms and stamped with the Vienna hall mark 17…; Austrian around 1750; 340g.

height 16cm

Detail 1 Detail 2

350-550.- Euro


Abraham van Diepenbeeck (1596-1675)-attributed, Mother with child, sheep and dogs in landscape; oil on oak panel; monogrammed and dated 1662 bottom left, framed.


Detail 1 Detail 2

800-1500.- Euro


Jewish silver Chanukah lamp on four feet in form of lions and rectangular case with eight sections and tubes for light, lid to opened and richly chased and engraved back plate partly with open work; central oval medallion with the temple light surrounded by two lions and open work ornaments, on top a crown; on the side small lion with holder for the servant (which is missing); several hall marks; Frankfurt late 18th Century; weight 400g.

19cm height, width 20cm

Detail 1 Detail 2

400-800.- Euro


Jacopo Amigoni (1682–1752)-circle, Portrait of a lady with flowers in the hair; oil on canvas.


Detail 1 Detail 2

450-650.- Euro

deuArt070European silver smell or taste bottle in shape of a round long body with long concave neck and lid with probe finger; on the sides two rings for hanging; richly engraved with animals and flowers; 18th Century; weight 70g.

length 10cm

Detail 1 Detail 2

280-550.- Euro


Charles François Lacroix de Marseille (1700-1782)-follower, Fishers at the bay by the sea; oil on canvas.


Detail 1 Detail 2

200-400.- Euro


Wooden reliquary (possibly part of the Holy Cross) in a silver container in form of a cross, with open work, ornaments and leaves, partly engraved; with three chains ending in floral plates; ring for hanging; possible to be opened; Eastern Europe 18th/19th Century; 55g.


Detail 1 Detail 2

300-600.- Euro


Austrian Artist first half 18th Century, Oriental caravan of tradesmen or officials with horses entering the gate to Vienna with the Charles Church and Vienna in the background; oil on wooden panel, framed.


Detail 1 Detail 2

2500-3500.- Euro


A decorative powder flask in manieristic style with figural decorations and bronze mounts; mechanic to open the lid, one chain; central hole.


Detail 1 Detail 2

80-150.- Euro


Giandomenico Tiepolo (1727-1804)-attributed, Oil study of a religious scene; oil on canvas, framed.


Detail 1 Detail 2

600-1200.- Euro


Pair of spurs, iron, with two large rowels and ornamental decorations, possibly one silvered; 18th Century.

length 20cm

Detail 1 Detail 2

200-400.- Euro


Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn (1606-1669)-school, Portrait of a man; oil on wooden panel, described and numbered on the reverse.


Detail 1 Detail 2

1000-1500.- Euro


European bronze sculpture of a sleeping and lying female nude, supporting her left arm on a pollster, standing on a baroque decorated support; very fine bronze cast, partly with hand finish and original brown patina; described on the base at the feet „Benvenuto Cellini“; 18th19th Century; on a later stepped marble base.

29,5cm, hieght 24cm

Detail 1 Detail 2

900-1600.- Euro


Francesco Casanova (1727-1803), Horse riders in landscape; oil on canvas, framed.


Detail 1 Detail 2

700-1500.- Euro


An Augsburg silver salt bowl with curved base decorated with volutes and central bowl, partly engraved, stamped with the Augsburg's hallmark and master mark NH; weight 185g; German 18th Century.

9,5x6,5cm, height 3,2cm

Detail 1 Detail 2

170-250.- Euro


Dutch artist, portrait of an elegant gentleman, oil on canvas, in gilded frame.


Detail 1 Detail 2

150-250.- Euro


Bernard Palissy (1510-1589)-manner, Ceramic dish with crab and mussels and decorated sea grass; naturalistically painted and glazed.

31cm diameter

Detail1 Detail 2

200-400.- Euro


Antoine Pesne (1683-1757)-attributed, Girl with a pigeon and hat; oil on canvas, framed.


Detail 1 Detail 2

500-1000.- Euro


A German telescope with paper maché mantle, remains of former painted decorations; original glasses; four sections to extend and a turned horn looking piece; Nuremberg 18th Century.

length 18,5cm, extended 80cm

Detail 1 Detail 2

180-350.- Euro


Francesco Bassano (1549–1592)-attributed, Entombment of Christ; oil on canvas, framed.


Detail 1 Detail 2

400-800.- Euro


A Königsberg amber box, rectangular shape with one lid, inside wood, decorated with geometrical plates; the underside with manufacturing label; German 20th Century.

21,5x14cm, height 4cm

Detail 1 detail 2

100-200.- Euro


Apollonio Domenichini (1715- 1770)-attributed, View of Venice with the Canale Grande und Santa Maria della Salute, oil on canvas, framed; on the reverse old paper label with old collection stamp.


Detail 1 Detail 2

1500-2500.- Euro


A pair of Delft ceramic dishes, round waved shape with eight border panels painted with blue flowers and figural scenes; in the centre a figural scene in landscape; glazed; late 17th Century.

diameter 33cm

Detail 1 Detail 2

400-600.- Euro


Philips Wouwerman (1619-1668)-follower, Horse riders changing their horses; oil on canvas; bears signature Joh. v. Dallinger and dated 1826; oil on canvas, framed.


Detail 1 Detail 2

600-900,- Euro


Jakob Bernecker (Tyrolian sculpture 16th Century)-attributed, a pair of terracotta lions with open mouth in lying positions on integrated bases; naturalistically sculpted; old restorations.


Detail 1 Detail 2

500-800.- Euro


Bartolomé Esteban Murillo (1618-1682)-studio, Portrait of a king with sword and globe; oil on canvas, framed.


Detail 1 Detail 2

800-1500.- Euro


A large pewter guild tankard on three feet decorated as beasts, octagonal body, with rich acanthus leaves and angels' faces and wings; thin neck with four lion heads, spout and lid with a classical soldier, lion's head and thumb rest; hand grip with angel's face; German late 17th Century.

55cm height

Detail 1 Detail 2

1500-2500.- Euro


Frans Francken the Younger (1581-1642), Allegory of the last music; oil on canvas, framed.


Detail 1 Detail 2

700-1200.- Euro


A pair of large Italian Majolica jugs, with central field, shaped and waved body; thin neck and large spout and a snake hand grip; richly painted with ornaments and two figural medallions; 19th Century.


Detail 1 Detail 2

280-450.- Euro


Dutch School around 1800, Girl with vegetable basket; oil on oak panel.


Detail 1 Detail 2

300-500.- Euro


A pair of large Deruta Majolica dishes with wide borders and deep centre; richly painted with ladies portraits, bands with letters and ornamental decorations; glazed; a pair.

46cm diameter

Detail 1 Detail 2

300-500.- Euro


Domínikos Theotokópoulos, called El Greco (1541-1614)-school, Vision of two saints; oil on canvas, framed.


Detail 1 Detail 2

1400-2800.- Euro


A Saxony Renaissance crossbow with rich ivory and mother of pearl intarsias showing hunting scenes and leaves with beasts and flowers; on walnut corpus; with iron trigger and bow; original iron locks and ring; old strings; function not tested; 17th Century.

69cm length, 60cm width

Detail 1 Detail 2

550-900.- Euro


Italian School around 1700, Saint John with the lamb; oil on canvas, framed.


Detail 1 Detail 2

400-600.- Euro


North Italian or Tyrolean school around 1700, Jesus and the adultery woman, lime wood carved with full and half relief figures in the foreground and architectural landscape with viewers in the background; on blue painted wooden ground; in later wooden case; the figure on the right side holding a letter with Latin description; some damages, small parts missing, around 1700.


Detail 1 Detail 2

4800-7500.- Euro