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Lot001 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot001 in DetailTuscan Artist in Renaissance Manner, Fresco of a Madonna with Jesus and goldfinch, cold colours on stucco, transfered to canvas, partly scratch design and remains of gilding, 70 x 45 cm

100 - 200 EUR

Lot002 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot002 in DetailMale Marble Torso, in ancient manner. Wide marble sculpted with grey veins. On later marble base with metal peak (damaged). Masterly sculpture of athletic body probably after a greek or roman original. 80 cm high.

900 - 1800 EUR

Lot003 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot003 in DetailGentile da Fabriano (1370-1427) – Circle, Adoration of the magi, Oil on wooden panel 50x65cm, integrated frame.

900 - 1800 EUR

Lot004 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot004 in DetailAncient Oil Lamp, in classical shape. Bronze cask with hand grip, lid missing. One hole. Original patina. Probably 1st to 3rd Century a.C.. 14 cm long.

20 - 40 EUR

Lot005 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot005 in DetailBenvenuto di Giovanni (1436-1518) - Follower, Madonna with child and bird, tempera or oil colours on gold ground on wooden panel, integrated frame. 40X23,5 cm

120 - 240 EUR

Lot006 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot006 in DetailHead of a Classical Youth, with curled hair. Looking to the side. Masterly sculpted. Terracotta or similar material probably ancient on later iron stand. Total high 26 cm.

180 - 360 EUR

Lot007 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot007 in DetailAlessandro di Mariano Filipepi (1445-1510) – Manner, Madonna with Jesus and St. John in Landscape, Tempera on wooden panel, 50x40 cm

900 - 1800 EUR

Lot008 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot008 in DetailNefertiti after the Ancient, plaster sculpture with original colours. After the original in the Berlin Museum, dated and monogrammed T. D. 1933. On wooden base. 20 cm high.

20 - 40 EUR

Lot009 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot009 in DetailFlorentine Artist 16/17th Century, the Announciation. Oil on tempera with gold colours on wooden panel. Partly described. Damages. 72 x 82 cm.

140 - 280 EUR

Lot010 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot010 in DetailSouth German Relief , wood carved , man of Sorros with Maria and Josef, half relief technique , dated 1509. 89x49 cm

240 - 480 EUR

Lot011 Detail

deuArt011Greek or Black Sea 18/19th Century, last supper , oil on textile on wood, with inscriptions and gild . 30X40 cm

80 - 160 EUR

Lot012 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot012 in DetailDeruta Ceramic Tazza, on central foot. With waived decorations. Painted in multicolours with ornaments in the centre lady in landscape. Diameter 24 cm.

80 - 160 EUR

Lot013 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot013 in DetailMaster of the Magdalen Legend (1483-1526) – School, Madonna with Child. Oil on gold ground. Skretch decorations. On oak panel in gilded wooden frame. On the reverse old paper label described Ecole del Est vers 1470… 25 x 18,5 cm.

300 - 600 EUR

Lot014 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot014 in DetailGerman Apostel Tankard, ceramic decorated with the twelve apostles and Jesus in the centre. Descibed Erhart Brecht Cunr H and dated 1666. Glazed with original pewter lid. Kreussen. 18 cm high.

140 - 280 EUR

Lot015 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot015 in DetailIron Helmet, adjustable visor and sides, metal with bronze mouth, damages, rusty . 30X30 cm

100 - 200 EUR

Lot016 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot016 in DetailNorth Italian Apothecary Flask, pear shape, ceramic with blue painted ornaments on blue ground. Described Acqua di Boragine. Prabably Venetian. 25 cm high.

70 - 140 EUR

Lot017 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot017 in DetailDutch of French Artist 18th Century, Elegant park scene , oil on oak panel, 33x21,5 cm, framed.

160 - 320 EUR

Lot018 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot018 in DetailLimoges Enamel Plaque, rectangular copper plate with engraved ornaments. The three Kings, Maria and Child. Partly gilded with multicoloured enamel and ten side holes. On the reverse original patina. Probably central France 15/16th Century. 25,5 x 15,5 cm.

600 - 1200 EUR

Lot019 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot019 in DetailChristian Wilhelm Dietrich (1712-1774) – Attributed, Oriental King , oil on canvas, framed. 65X48 cm

400 - 800 EUR

Lot020 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot020 in DetailTyrolean Sculpture 15th Century, large wood carved figure with curled hair in falted clothes, standing, with remains of original colours, damages, parts lost, 116 cm high

900 - 1800 EUR